Expect More!

Expect More!

What seems to be stirring in my heart for this New Year is to expect “more!" More of the Kingdom qualities that Jesus speaks so wonderfully about.

The word "more" indicates something greater or of a higher degree. It's something of a greater amount having been found as the search continues.

Well, I am searching out the "something greater that will allow me more!" I want to love more. I want a greater consistency in giving His peace and love in every situation I face. I want His goodness to so overtake me that I automatically manifest goodness to all I come in contact with. I want any inner sense of irritation or any frustration to be expelled from this vessel so that I truly see/ understand that "the point of darkness is for me to release light."

That means I see everything with a different mindset. It's not about me being right. It IS about me being light.

I want more revelation, more anointing. More passion. More adoration that brings more intimacy, that brings more anticipation, that brings more abundance. More, more, more Lord. I have great expectations! How about you?


Great Expectation

This is an excerpt from Jane’s letter, “A Turning Point”. For the complete letter, go to A Turning Point.

A few nights ago I was awakened in the darkened, wee hours of the morning with this empowering thought…

“Have great expectation! There is something God wants to do that will bring huge breakthroughs, in a mixture of areas, in a multitude of lives all around you.”

I feel that it is a time to see everything that comes to you as a vehicle of empowerment to move your faith forward in your journey to “come up higher.” Ephesians 1:11b-12a states that “He works all things after the counsel of His own will…. that we should be to the praise of His Glory.”

God is calling out to us to come up here so that He might reveal to us what He is about to do in the earth. Just as the word expectation was spoken to me in those early morning hours, I believe He is speaking this to Aglow because it is a time we are to live in great expectation of what is coming and to rule in the midst of every enemy!