Propel the Kingdom Forward

This is an excerpt from Jane’s blog. For the complete blog, go to Propel the Kingdom Forward:

Aglow will drive forward and onward…by Holy Spirit power…that moves us toward the future…where God’s will is fulfilled!” [quote from Carol Martin, Aglow Alaska].

Don’t you love the breakdown of the phrase ‘Propel the Kingdom Forward’? Aglow will drive forward and onward by the power of the Holy Spirit toward the future where God’s will is fulfilled as we go! Spirit born, Spirit-led and that did not stop at the end of the first 50 years. Holy Spirit remains firmly seated at the helm of our great ship! He is leading us on in strength and in power and signs and wonders will follow.

What have you been discovering? Have you experienced the power and authority that comes through your declarations as you speak out the prophetic words and scriptures the Lord has given to Aglow? He said that we have decisive voices that release healing and power.

I want to encourage you between now and the end of the year to stay engaged with the messages from the 2017 conference and to see what you and your team will discover for your nation, your state, your community, and for yourself, personally. This is big. This is REALLY BIG!

Made New

He Makes All Things New

Aglow is not the same ministry it was formed to be in the late 1960’s, nor the 1980’s, nor the year 2000. Today, as I was talking to God, I found myself saying, “I yield. I yield to the process, the mess, the leg that is hurting….because You are in it all. You reign over all. Your creative hand is moving across this situation and across the world to form something wonderfully new. wanted the new before I fully understood all that was involved in the process. And, I want the new now…IN THE MIDST OF THE PROCESS.