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Fran Hallgren praying with African woman What’s new about evangelism in Aglow? It’s a foundational pillar upon which we build life. So what about it can be new?

  1. You and I. That’s what can be new in Aglow. How each one of us defines evangelism and discipleship in our personal lives is changing.

When I came forward in a church to give my life to Jesus, I had been attending the church for probably a year. When I came up to that pastor that morning, He said, “I have looked and looked for you month after month, and finally I stopped looking and here you are.”

It’s time to ask ourselves, Have we stopped actively, intentionally looking with expectancy for others to come to Jesus?

The Holy Spirit hasn’t. I’m proof of that! (excerpt from Janet Mangum's blog Commisioned! Read the full blog)

If you are interested in any of the potential trips below, contact the team leader as soon as possible. Plans for trips are finalized many months before the team departs for their journey whether In the U.S. or other countries


Upcoming Activations in Evangelism
Contact: Janet Mangum Transformation Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Either zoom activations or in person activations

The transformation department is all about evangelism and discipleship. Our world is changing rapidly and many are relooking at fresh thinking regarding reaching out to others in general and specifically helping them start develop new relationships in Christ that lead to new Aglow groups in their area. Janet Mangum, director and Fran Hallgren, assistant director along with some of her team leaders are available to help you think through your outreaches whether it is spontaneous one on ones or finding a way to bringing community relationships into Christ in your areas. You may believe you are well-suited for evangelism or thought it was not in your personal gift mix or personality. No matter where the past understandings have been, we believe we can help you be more effective. Evangelism isn’t what it used to be in our country in many ways, therefore we are looking to the Holy Spirit for inspirations and equipping for this new Era. Contact Janet if you are interested in a zoom(s), in person for a day or a weekend. She is best reached via email above.