Come, Holy Spirit!

This is an excerpt of a prayer by Jane Hansen Hoyt at the Jerusalem Convocation 2019. To view the entire piece, see Look For The New

Continue to come Holy Spirit because there is going to be a fresh outpouring of Your Holy Spirit. We are not running on fumes from the last 50 years. We want a full tank of fresh, new, Holy Spirit oil. We know that is in Your heart as well…The same Holy Spirit is flowing out throughout this ministry. In all of the nations there is fresh oil. The light is brighter. The depth is deeper. The truth is explosive. Continue to come Holy Spirit!

  • Lord, increase our hunger and anticipation of a fresh outpouring of Your Holy Spirit – in our lives, in our Aglow groups, in our nations.
  • Lord, pour fresh oil of Your Spirit throughout my nation!
  • Let Your Truth burst into the radiance of Your Presence in me, through me!


Walk in God’s Favor

Excerpts from Jane’s Facebook posts. Follow Jane on Face Book.

Are you aware that you live daily from the position of being highly favored by God? You are NEVER without favor. Favor is our position in Christ and it is that favor that empowers us to step out in faith, believing. Walk in the favor provided for you by Christ.