God’s Word Will Not Fail

This is an excerpt from one of Jane’s letters. For the complete letter see His Word Will Not Fail.

In the New Testament, God says, "My word is a seed." You are born again of incorruptible seed. Dutch explained that 'seed' is the word sperma. God is saying, "The seed of My Word has life in it and when My Words are sown, they have the ability to reproduce. When My Word goes forth, Holy Spirit hovers around or releases His power with My Word and the two come together and now, they are not just words, they are life-words that begin to spring up and reproduce." What a powerful, incredible truth!


A New Weight of God’s Glory is Upon Us

Dutch Sheets said to us that this is a year of birthing and that Aglow has come into a greater anointing to deliver the purposes of God in the earth. It was also said that a new weight of His Glory is upon us. I believe there is an elevation of Kingdom truth at hand. At the same conference, Chuck Pierce told us that God has positioned Aglow as apostolic-prophetic watchmen who decree and declare His will on earth. This means that we are entrusted to pray and intercede for the need of mankind to know Christ and the life-giving power He has made available to each one of us. We have been upgraded in our authority to break through the barriers that hold humanity captive, prophetically speak life, and see that life established in people, communities, and nations. It means that we carry an apostolic anointing and strength to break through difficult situations and to decree prophetic promises that bring life, health, restoration, and transformation to barren places. NOW is the right time for us as we rise to a new level of leading the world into a whole new place. Your commitment is a vital part that opens the way for breakthrough in the earth!