A Fresh Outpouring is Coming

Ready for the Third Great Awakening

Excerpts from a letter from Jane Hansen Hoyt. Go to A Fresh Outpouring is Coming for the complete letter and video.

I want to say what Jesus would say if He were standing physically before us in this moment. FEAR NOT! I AM WITH YOU!

Imagine the Israelites trying to wrap their heads around the thought of leaving Egypt; to walk through miles of desert. I’m fairly sure there would have been a mixture of positivity and negativity. So many ‘natural things’ to consider. Yet, it was the way to freedom.

We are walking toward the third day awakening. Just move your feet. Head off in the right direction. He is with you. He is with Aglow.

Recently, a dear friend, Rita Bennett, wife of Father Dennis Bennett, passed away from this earthly life and moved to her Heavenly home. As I am sure you will recall, both Father Bennett and Rita were instrumental in the early days of the Charismatic Renewal. It was also the period of time when many ministries were coming forth. Aglow was one of those ministries that Reverend Bennett strongly encouraged in those early days. He was so supportive. In fact, his wife Rita was the first speaker at the first Aglow gathering.

As I learned of Rita’s passing, I felt the Lord say, “That era has closed and a new one has begun.” A fresh outpouring is coming to us again. Are you ready?

When Dutch Sheets spoke to us in 2018, he could see by the Spirit that Aglow, birthed out of the Charismatic Renewal would have the privilege of stewarding the coming move of the Spirit – the Third Great Awakening. While I cannot give you specific details, I believe it will unfold as the Holy Spirit is poured out upon us and I believe that Aglow will be instrumental. He has prepared us and we are ready.

Holy Spirit, You are so welcome! We make room for You to have Your way.

•	God created male and female that His image may be seen in the earth.

Truth That Sets Us Free

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God began depositing a truth in Aglow regarding male/female at the Niagara International Conference in 1981. At that point, I spoke primarily about the strength and significance of the role of the woman in the marriage, but also in the church and in society. This message came on the heels of the “Shepherding Movement” that was focused on the submission of women and the leadership of men…in all spheres. The feminist movement was also in full force with its mixed message and motivation.

My message continued to unfold over the years and has ultimately centered on the revelation of the plan of God to reveal Himself and make Himself known in the earth through the male/female, the very foundation of society, the church, and the Kingdom of God.

This, of course, becomes the very issue the enemy is fighting against. He does so in marriages, with the gay agenda, the transgender issue, and the dilemma about which bathroom to use! The enemy wants the plan of God to fail.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if God would use this truth/message that began to unfold in Aglow in 1981 to help set those caught in deception free?.