Aglow is an Eternal Ministry

A Door Opened to the Future

This is an excerpt from a letter by Jane Hansen Hoyt. Go to Aglow is an Eternal Ministry for the complete letter.

Some years ago, at an Aglow conference, Dutch Sheets gave us a key to open doors no man can shut, and close doors no man can open. I believe that key is for us in this hour. It wasn’t just a word for that conference. It’s a Word that God has spoken to you as a leader; to you over your Aglow, to your nation, to your region. This is a time He has purposed for the doors to be open that no man can shut. And to shut doors no man can open.

Aglow is an Eternal Ministry. An eternal ministry is any ministry, or person called by God throughout history that has played an eternal part in God’s ultimate plan. That’s anyone of us! If He’s called us and we’ve said yes, we have played a part individually and corporately in His eternal plan. Aglow is an everlasting ministry. It’s eternal in value. It is as important as when the women came to the tomb of Jesus intending to anoint His body. The stone was rolled away and Jesus was gone. New life had already been released. The door opened to the future.

There is a door that has been opening and is now opened. I know our hand has been on the door handle. This is the time of preparation and transition into the calling Dutch delivered to us when he handed the key to me for Aglow and said that we’ve been called into The Third-Day Great Awakening. It’s the future.

Release Faith

Release Faith into the Atmosphere

This is an excerpt from a blog by Jane Hansen Hoyt. Complete blog

On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand. What truth! It is true in every area of life. Not just politically or governmentally. It means that every day of our life we can live in peace. We can lean into the power of Jesus’ Name. He is the Solid Rock. God sent His Son to show us the way.

I smile when I think of Him in the boat, in the midst of a storm on the Sea of Galilee. His disciples were with Him, and they grew concerned and afraid as water began filling the boat. My thought is that no one could sleep through a storm! Who does that? Jesus did! The words of the disciples clearly indicated that they felt uncared for as the waves continued to batter their boat. “Do You not care that we are perishing?” As He arose and spoke to the wind and the sea, Jesus said. “PEACE BE STILL” and a great calm followed. Then the words that must have rocked their world. “Why are you so fearful? Is it that you have no faith?” (Mark 4:35-41.) Jesus equates fear with no faith.

Aglow is a body of faith-filled believers…. standing in place…all over the world. We have been positioned by God to speak forth faith into the atmosphere.

WE KNOW HE CARES. WE KNOW HE IS AWARE OF THE WAVES THAT THREATEN TO OVERWHELM US. BUT HE SPEAKS THOSE SAME WORDS TO US. “WHY ARE YOU SO FEARFUL?” Nothing can undo or upset His ultimate plan. He looks to us to stand in faith, speaking it forth…bringing Heaven to earth…in every situation.

Keep releasing faith into the atmosphere over the nations of the world.