In the first part of this study, we noted the growing popularity of Jesus on the part of the crowds that followed Him.  At the same time, this was happening; the chief priests and teachers were plotting His death.

Wars and rumors of war!  Pestilence and famines!  Multiple earthquakes!  False prophets!  Does this sound like the times we're living in?  Is Jesus coming back soon or is it possible that He has already returned? No Christian need live in confusion over these possibilities.  Scattered throughout the Bible are descriptions of the last days of Planet Earth.  For those willing to study, the Bible describes the end times and the return of Jesus for His Church.

Only two books in the Bible – Esther and Ruth – are named for women.  These inspiring books tell the stories of two young women whose lives played an important role in Israel’s history.  In this study, we will look at the book of Ruth.

In the first part of this study, Esther-Part 1, we learned how Esther became queen of the most powerful ruler of this era and how the deeds of one evil man almost resulted in the annihilation of the Jews in the Persian Empire.  In Part 2 we will see how two Jews, Mordecai and Esther, thwarted his evil plans.

God has chosen to make faith one of the foundation stones of our relationship with Him.  But how much do we truly understand about faith?  Where does it come from?  How can we increase it when we need more?  What does God want to accomplish in our lives through faith?  In this study, we hope to answer these and other questions you may have about this vital subject.


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