Many of us have difficulty in fully accepting Jesus' love.  In this lesson, to help us more clearly understand Jesus' ministry, we will begin to look more closely at His attitude towards different kinds of women, or women in different roles and situations.  The first we will look at is Jesus' attitude towards the "sinful" women He met.

In this lesson we will see Jesus' compassion as He related to people, particularly women who were sick, both physically and emotionally.

Wherever Jesus went, we find Him meeting the needs of people, compassionately and without condemnation.  Many of them were women.  In this lesson we're going to see how Jesus related to the very special needs of mothers.

Throughout the ages, society in general has given very little place or status for women who are not under the protection of a husband, son or other male relative.  God, however, has mercy, and He always incorporated provision into His law for their care.

Perhaps you're a new Christian.  Or maybe you've been a Christian for many years but aren't experiencing the spiritual growth you feel you should.  Or perhaps you've just received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and now find yourself longing for a closer relationship with the Lord.


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