We live in a time when people, both Christians and non Christians, are fascinated by angels.  Walk down the street of any modern town or city and you'll see a whole variety of stores featuring material on these heavenly creatures.

In the first half of this study, we learned that angels are ministering servants to God's people.  We saw them protecting and frequently carrying good news to many Old Testament leaders.  Now we shall see how they ministered to Jesus and those associated with Him and to the Early Church.  Their intervention possibly changed the whole history of Christianity.

The blood of Jesus!  We talk about it.  We sing about it.  We use the words in our affirmations and in our prayers.  But do we really understand why these precious words have such an important place in the Christian faith?

What is the Body of Christ?  Is it the same thing as the Church?  Perhaps this very simple definition will help to explain it.  The Body of Christ consists of believers in all denominations from every area and race of the world who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

The culmination of Jesus' earthly life and ministry and His sacrifice for the world's salvation was His crucifixion.  This study looks at the practice of crucifixion and the events leading to and following Jesus’ death.


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