In the first part of our study we looked at many of the reasons why God has given us the gift of tongues.  In this part we continue our study. 

If you know any Christians, you're undoubtedly familiar with the phrase, "You must be born again."

In the first half of this study, we looked at the difference between the birth of the flesh and the birth of the spirit. In this part we will explore God's solution for the spiritual birth.

If you could ask the Lord for only one gift what would you choose?  Would it be wealth or success?  Fame or position?  Happiness?  Or would you take a page from King Solomon's book and ask for wisdom?

Do you believe in healing? More to the point, have you ever experienced healing? Or have you prayed for someone and seen him recover, perhaps before your eyes? When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, healing - physical, emotional, and spiritual - both for ourselves and the people we pray for - is part of the salvation package we receive from God.


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