The Bible, however, gives us an entirely different picture of those who are in Christ.  It is this picture that we must understand, believe, and stand on.  Only then will we truly understand what Jesus did for us when He died on the cross, and live the victorious life He planned for us.

In part 1 of Who We Are in Christ, we learned some of the wonderful benefits that are the heritage of those who are in Christ - how God rescues us from the power of Satan, redeems, justifies, and makes us holy.  We also learned of His great love for us, how He made us part of His own family and gave us eternal life. In Part 2, we'll look at more of the incredible blessings we receive when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

Perhaps you've heard people, even Christians, say, "There is no one way to God.  It doesn't matter whether you believe in Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or someone else—they can all lead you to God and life after death.”  Perhaps you believe that yourself.  While this idea sounds very enlightened, there's a big problem with it.  It's dead wrong!

In the first part of this study we looked at some of the reasons why Jesus is the only way to eternal life.  We continue by looking at more of the benefits we received by Jesus' death.

Having our prayers granted sounds so simple.  Jesus seems to be saying that all we have to do is ask and we will receive whatever we ask for. Why then do many of our prayers go unanswered?  Why can we follow the principles laid down by Jesus for answered prayer and still see the doors remain unopened?


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