Jane's Letters

Once again we have turned the calendar page over and see a brand new year stretching out before us. Each year brings fresh opportunities and fresh challenges. I’m sharing my heart with you in this letter because I see both as we move into 2015.

As I do prior to each New Year, I spent time with the Lord listening and pondering what might be ahead for us, individually and corporately. Let me share with you some of the insights the Lord gave me for this year, and some of the challenges you and I have an opportunity to meet.

2015…The number 15 means “REST”

In the Bible, we often see that rest comes as a result of deliverance and salvation. We see three specific times when the Israelites were told to rest. They were instructed to “rest from their work” at Passover (Lev. 23:6-7), and at the Feast of Tabernacles (Lev. 23:33-35). But in the Book of Esther, we see another kind of rest: They were given “rest from their enemies” (Purim, Esther 9:22). In addition to rest, they also had their sorrow turned into joy.

Today we live in a key time and place. God has raised us up, as individuals and as a ministry, “for such a time as this.” He is calling us to step into our destiny, knowing we are cloaked in the King’s favor. Just as Esther and her people, the Jews, had enemies who were determined to hinder, harm, and thwart God’s plan—so we, as Aglow International, also have enemies who seek to deter us.

Acts 1:8 states that we are to be witnesses…to the ends of the earth.  I think I took that word quite personally this past year.

I started the year by traveling to Europe, Israel, Hong Kong and China. In the middle of the year, I returned to Israel and then on to Central America. I then spent some time traveling in the U.S.; Colorado, California, Michigan, Washington DC, and Milwaukee; then, on to Canada and Britain, returning to the U.S. to be at our U.S. National Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  From there I traveled to Seoul, Korea and on to the Philippines. What a blessing to see firsthand what God is doing in Aglow literally around the world!  

We have taken GameChangers to the nations. The power of the Word is moving men and women to a new place in God and the ground in their nations is being softened by their feet as they begin living out the GameChanger realities. Truly, Aglow is a work of God that is changing the world.

Chuck Pierce had a word at Passover this year declaring that the Body of Christ has stepped into a new place of identity.  And now, a word has been spoken specifically to us at the 2014 US National Conference that this is the time for us to initiate, to announce, and to speak into the next move of God in the earth. This is governmental positioning.

What an incredibly, full year 2013 has been for Aglow!

As the New Year began, I felt excitement for what lay before us. My excitement was not based on the negative thinking that can come by looking at the earthly kingdom our feet are standing on.  It was based on walking with our hearts and minds firmly focused on the reality of the Heavenly Kingdom we represent on earth. My thoughts turned towards Hebrews 13:5, I will never leave you or forsake you.  This simple, profound scripture has been true for Aglow since our inception in 1967. The Lord is with us in overwhelming ways.

This year has been a time where the release of God has been even greater, brighter, filled with more light, and exploding with wonder and awe, as He manifests Himself through us. It is what all our preparation has been about. The light in us is increasing and though the darkness around us is also increasing, we are walking into that darkness without fear, casting His Light and His Truth wherever we go.

Recently, I shared with the International Board of Directors and the U.S. National Leadership Team a significant event that occurred during our trip to Israel in May.  As has become a highlight of our trips in the last few years, we invited Asher Intrater of Revive Israel, an Apostle and a Messianic Israeli believer, to have dinner with us one evening and to share his heart afterward.  What followed was, simply put – astounding!   It was the subject of my blog in May, and because of the significance of the event to the ministry and an ensuing email from Asher, I feel compelled to share it with the global Aglow family.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much interest in the world about Israel?  How could one tiny nation be of such concern?  Why do all the Muslim nations that surround Israel hate her with such passion they want to remove her from the face of the earth?  Israel surely is the center of the earth. Though small, her destiny is huge.

Jerusalem is the only city on earth that has been chosen by God as His dwelling place.  It is the city to which Jesus will return and it is the place from which He will rule His earthly Kingdom – it is the ultimate seat of government in the universe!  The true question being warred over today is, whose god will rule from Jerusalem?  As believers in Yeshua, the Word of God makes it clear. We know that Jesus, King of the universe, is the One who will rule from Jerusalem.  It is and will always be His seat of government.

How well I remember a statement made to me several years ago, “You are the steward of a great story!”  What a story that has unfolded, and continues to unfold, in Aglow International….46 years and counting.

Just this past month, in a brief conversation with Loren Cunningham, Founder of Youth with a Mission, and University of the Nations, he asked how many nations Aglow is currently in.  My response of, “nearly 170,” brought a delighted grin to his face and he quickly added, “Don’t forget the rest!”  Both Aglow and YWAM were founded in the 1960’s with an apostolic, global calling to make God known in the nations of the world.  I honor Loren and YWAM for the impact they have had in the world…even as he honors Aglow and the impact we have had around the globe.

I also honor you, the reader of this letter and a participant in Aglow’s story.   We are all privileged to be a part of this incredible story of God’s intentionality in calling Aglow International forth.  Truly His favor has been upon us.  All glory is His.

Dear Friend,

What an incredibly, full year this has been for Aglow!  In my opening blog in January, I spoke of 2012 being a year to see, to watch, and to experience the government of God as it rises in the earth anew.  In order for this to happen, we purposed to allow the increase of His government to arise in us individually.  We determined to be intentional in:

  • Receiving and expressing His goodness daily.
  • Living in abundance and not measure.
  • Being more astonished at who God is for us.
  • Processing everything through His majesty. 

For the last 8 years, we have been walking in a prophetic cycle that has been unfolding before us. Each of our conferences have built one upon the other with this conference bringing a culmination of transformation that is bearing fruit and has defined our future.

Our wineskin has changed.  Aglow has become a transformational Kingdom culture with mindsets not of this world.  We are arising in a new identity in the earth and we are a prototype people who know their God and, who are known by their God.

Following our 2012 U. S. National Conference, Tony, Anna Hammer, and I left for a strategic conference in Britain with Nonnie McVeigh, National President of Great Britain and her wonderful, apostolic board.  They have carried the vision abroad and have watched faithfully as groups have been established in Cyprus, the Isle of Man, Romania, Ukraine, and many other places. Aglow is blessed to have leaders in the nations of the world who are not afraid to slay the giants in their land and in surrounding countries.

Great Britain Carrying the Vision

While at the conference in Britain, my eyes were drawn to Isaiah 55:5, “Surely you shall call a nation you do not know, and nations who do not know you shall run to you, because of the Lord your God, and the Holy One of Israel; for He has glorified you.”  During a time of proclamation, I felt to call out to Malta, a nation with no Aglow presence and a nation that the leaders of Britain have determined to reach.  Everyone on the platform stood behind me in support.  A key leader in Britain, also an Aglow advisor, urged me to go further with the proclamation, declaring it over all of the world and Aglow.  It was a powerful moment that I expect to see fruit come from in the near future.

Anna Hammer, Aglow’s Generation Project Director, was like a woman on fire as she spoke to the younger generation in Britain. She spoke so freely, encouraging each person to take his or her place to light the darkness.   She is doing a marvelous job and we were amazed to hear of the many generations groups that are lighting dark places in their communities.

Prayer for America

Coming home from Britain, I headed to Washington, D.C. to join the United States National Leadership Team (USNLT), Nancy McDaniel, Prayer Director, Sandy Wezowicz, Israel Education Director, and Diane Moder, Islam Education Director in a 3-day, time of focused prayer for America.    The USNLT has completed 3 years of prayer trips to the DC area; one region each month along with a prayer team of seasoned warriors and champions.  Many relationships have been built with strategic ministries in the DC area.

The first day of our time began with a prayer luncheon. Among the invited were those responsible for ministries which stand on the walls in DC.  A beautiful flow of worship mixed with prayer topics covered by members of the USNLT made for a wonderful time of calling our nation into alignment with heaven’s purposes.  Following the luncheon, Aglow leaders walked the halls of the capitol, stopping in prominent places for times of strategic prayer.

The next day, our first stop was the White House.  Looking like other tourists, we were on a mission, proclaiming that it would be on earth in the White House as it is in Heaven.  We also enjoyed a time of food and fellowship with our friends at Family Research Council. Then we joined Jason Hershey, the YWAM intercessor who initiated David’s Tent. Located on the ellipse of the White House, David’s Tent was a tent filled with 24/7 worship and prayer for the 40 days leading up to the elections.  It was a glorious trip.

Incredible Life in Texas

Leaving DC, Linda Jones, Chief of Executive Relations/Executive Director of the US Field, Kathy Sanders, Leader Development Director, and I stopped in Austin, Texas for a Leader’s Summit with the Central Area and Heart of Texas Area leaders.  This meeting marked the third time I have been in Texas this year.  It was remarkable to see the continued building of what God is doing and saying in the ministry.  There is incredible life there.  In fact, the first night I spoke, 6 people reported the next day that they were healed.  Truth sets people free.

It is a new day in Aglow. Indeed, we are a transformational Kingdom culture that is not ruled by mindsets of this world. We have aligned with Heaven and our declarations are made as we listen into the conversations taking place in Heaven.

As you plan your end of the year giving for 2012, exalt His Majesty today and make an end-of-year gift.  Allow His Majesty to dominate your mindset. Allow His Majesty to become so magnificent that it rules the enemy from your inner man.  Of all the places He could have chosen to live, He has chosen to make His home within you. Receive today from His Majesty living within you.

And, as you think about your end-of-year gift, consider becoming part of the company of people spoken of in a prophetic word from 2008. This word, spoken from our future, described hundreds of thousands of ordinary people giving into the work of Aglow.  Already, this group of “A” Company givers who have pledged to give a minimum monthly gift of $10 or more has grown in the last 4 months from 700 to over 1,000. Won’t you consider becoming a part of this end time giving-group if you are not already? Join "A" Company Today!

Thank you for responding to the nudge of the Holy Spirit as you consider;

  1. Your end-of-year gift and
  2. Becoming part of “A” Company today, a great company of warriors and champions, and sowing a monthly gift of $10 or more ($10 min.)

Dear Ones,

I believe that the year 2012 is a very significant year. The number 12 symbolizes divine accomplishment and governmental perfection. Twelve also implies structural beginning or foundation of organization. This is a year in which the government of God will arise in the earth in fullness through His people.

Aglow’s 36s (12 x 3)

  • This year marks Aglow’s 36th year to have the name ‘Aglow’ registered.
  • This year marks Aglow’s 36th year since moving the headquarters office out of 2 houses into the school building due to growth.
  • This year marks Aglow’s 36th year to have a Covenant Partner program where people are willing to pay a small yearly fee to show their support of the ministry.

Aglow’s 24s (12 x 2)

  • This year marks Aglow’s 24th year to be in a minimum of 91 nations of the world.
  • This year marks Aglow’s 24th year to have a minimum of 1,000 Lighthouses in the United States and a minimum of 800 (now nearly 3,000!) outside the U.S.
  • This year marks Aglow’s 24th year since sending out the first direct mail fundraiser to all its members.

Aglow’s 12s

  • This is Aglow’s 12th trip into Israel to bless the land, to pray for the people, and to stand with the tender shoot of Messianic believers. We have pledged to sow into the land each month this year. The first two gifts have been sown already.
  • This is Aglow’s 12th year for our Arabic television series, Diwaniya. It is now available around the world. Recently, a pastor in Pakistan posted on Facebook that Aglow is famous in Pakistan because of Diwaniya. Many are coming to Christ.
  • This year marks the 3rd year that the 12 regions in the United States have gone into Washington, DC to pray, making strategic connections on many different levels.

There is a new awakening upon Aglow and it has come with a quickening spirit. New foundations are being laid which will enable us to overcome the roots of our history and continue moving into the fullness and future of God’s plan for Aglow. We are no longer a hidden women’s group! We are a movement of women and men that is fully on the move.

This year, 2012, also marks Aglow International’s 45th year since our birth in 1967. Forty-five represents victory over the stronghold!

The Time of Our Arising

This is the year Aglow will see VICTORY OVER STRONGHOLDS! Stronghold is defined as a place of security or survival. While a place of survival can be necessary during times of danger, the position of survival is not a position for citizens of Heaven. Citizens of Heaven are meant to thrive, not survive!

The number 45 also means maintaining, preserving or protecting the things that matter the most to you. In Joshua 14, we find that Caleb was kept alive, preserved for 45 years until the word God had given him was fulfilled. If the Bible was still being written today, we would find in its pages that Aglow, like Caleb, has been preserved or kept alive for 45 years for the fulfillment of the words God has spoken over us.

It is time for Aglow to arise to the place that God has prepared us for. This is the time of our arising. At the 2011 Aglow Worldwide Conference, Graham Cooke said, If we are to be the people who usher in the return of the King, then we must become the fulfillment of all the Father’s intention in creation. This is our moment to really shine in the earth. We are a people who have God living on the inside of us. It is time for us to stand up. God is breathing on us. He trusts us. Our voice shall be heard in the nations. We must rise up and occupy the place God has set aside for us.

I closed the conference with these words: 2011 marked our 38th conference – 38 means slavery. In John 5 there was a man by the pool of Bethesda. He had been there 38 years. He was enslaved within a body that would not function in the way God purposed or intended. He was locked in old mindsets and old ways of thinking. When Jesus appeared and asked him why he was by the pool, the man began to explain. I cannot get into the water. I have been here 38 long years. Jesus told the man, ‘Rise and walk!’ Something had shifted and now healing was coming in a different way. It was up to the man to believe and receive that word and to step into a new mindset, the new way. I believe that is what God is doing in this ministry. He is coming to us in a different way than perhaps we have experienced Him in the past. He is coming to us in a way that is transforming old mindsets into new ways of thinking.

It is our time. It is our hour. It is our moment. When God called Abraham out of Ur, Abraham received the word and began to walk in it. He did not know where he was going. He simply obeyed. God has told us that this is the time of our arising. We are to arise and walk. All arguments must come down and the glory of God must arise! It is an hour where we can no longer play church. We must arise and let the glory of the Lord be seen upon us!

A Strategic Release

Those of you who attended the 2009 Worldwide Conference in Louisville, KY, will remember the spontaneous offering that took place during that conference. About $80,000 was collected in that offering for the purpose of buying Aglow its own “home”. In the years since, the fund has grown to $104,000. During those years, we have investigated buying the building in which we currently have office space. We have also looked at buying other land or buildings. With the world financial system suffering as it has since 2008, we have not found the place or had the finances, nor felt the release from God to purchase anything.

I have written to you in previous letters and blogs what I feel the Lord is speaking to me related to His plans and purposes for Aglow in 2012. When we began to receive strategic prophetic words in 2003, those words created a new space around us. Aglow is learning to live in its new space in 2012, our 45th year. Like Caleb, we have been preserved to see the fulfillment of all God has spoken to us.

As God is revealing Himself and helping us learn to live in the new prophetic space in which we now find ourselves, we have felt the need to adjust the “space” we call our Worldwide Headquarters offices. We are investigating what exactly that might mean. We also feel led to ask those of you who have donated funds to the “Building/Land” fund to allow us to “un-restrict” the gifts and use the money to help create the office space that will be suitable for us as we are now—in our new prophetic identity. Therefore:

  1. If you have donated to this particular effort and are willing to give us the freedom to use your donation for our “Aglow home,” even if it does not include buying a building or building one on our own piece of land, you do not have to do anything.
  2. If you have donated to this effort but do not wish to have us “un-restrict” your gift, please respond to our offices by March 20, 2012, by replying to this email or by expressing your response on the response device if you received this as a paper letter.

Thank you for standing with us as together we overcome strongholds and see our prophetic words come to pass. This is the year of our arising.

The Release to Arise

March 31 marks the end of Aglow’s fiscal year. Will you arise to a new level of giving with us to break a stronghold that has been over the ministry at almost every level in every nation? It is time for hundreds of thousands of ordinary people to give into the presence of God in our midst. Will you be one who will arise today and give an amount in a multiple of 12?  GIVE NOW or send your gift to Aglow International, P.O. Box 1749, Edmonds, WA 98020.  Be sure to note, Jane Letter 03/12 on your check.

Arising together, 
Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
(425) 775-7282
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(English | Español | Française)

Recently, we celebrated the greatest event known to mankind, Easter.Jesus’ death and resurrection marked a whole new realm of possibility thinking! It is now possible to have a new life, a life no longer marred by sin. Now, we can walk in the freedom of righteousness that Jesus so graciously purchased for us. Now we can walk in the same favor that Jesus walks in with the Father. What a Savior! What freedom from past sin! What wondrous possibilities are available to all who acknowledge Him for who He is…Redeemer of all that was lost.

The 2012 Israel Journey

By the time you receive this letter, I will be in Israel. This year we have almost 200 people joining us. There are 140 first timers, with 14 nations represented. We have one bus for the French speaking group who are joining us from 4 different nations, including Equatorial Guinea in Africa, and they will have a French speaking guide. We also will have ten Chinese speaking women from China/Hong Kong, as well as women coming from Japan…all for the first time. Our Generations Director, Anna Hammer, is bringing 13 of her peers from across the nation with her. What a representation of the truly diverse and international ministry that Aglow is! Our trips into Israel are always strategic and this one is lining up to be so as well. You are all aware of the current day threats targeting this nation, so please remember to keep us in your prayers from April 30th – May 10th as we walk the land, proclaiming God’s heart for this people.

International Board of Directors Meeting

During the second week of March, the members of the International Board of Directors gathered in Edmonds for our annual meeting. We welcomed several new board members: Nonnie McVeigh, National President of Aglow Britain; Liz Mbuzi, National President of Aglow Zambia; and Kerry-Ellen Logan, National President of Aglow Australia. It was great having additional nations represented on our Board. Other IBOD members are Edda Swan, National President of Aglow Iceland; Merina Netto, National President of Aglow India; Glenda Fleming, U.S. South Regional Director; Jannie Reverda, National Director, Middle East; and Diane Moder, Islamic Awareness and Education Director. The unity factor was awesome and the Lord enabled us to make wonderful strides forward, even as He has been speaking it into Aglow these past several years.

Graham Cooke joined us on Monday and Tuesday. We had many lively, life-filled, mind expanding conversations. We had powerful times of worship and proclamation prayer over the ministry, as well as a time of calling forth new nations into Aglow. Remember, it is the believers in a nation that hold the true identity of that nation. They hold God’s design and purpose for their respective nations.

One of the things I shared with the IBOD, is that I believe our Worldwide conference in Houston this past September was a milestone (landmark) in the history of Aglow. This is Aglow’s 45th anniversary year. We are as lively and strong today as we were when we began in 1967. God has preserved us for this day and this time. We have remained pliable in His hands and therefore we have continued to live with a present-future mindset, always moving towards our destined purpose. We are leading others to a higher place, helping them to walk out of old ways and old mindsets and pick up our identity in Christ and walk in the fullness of that truth. Our role in the earth is to see abundance restored.

A Fresh Impetus of God’s Spirit is Upon Us

As the leader of this ministry, I boldly proclaim that I am not looking to another church or another ministry for a fresh move of the Spirit. I am looking for a fresh move of God’s Spirit within Aglow! There is a quickening Spirit upon the truths that He is making so real to us at this time. This fresh impetus of His Spirit is causing us to move to a glorious new place in the Spirit. We have come into a new place. Old things are passing away and new things are emerging!

A New Vision/Mission Statement

One of the most important things to come out of our board meeting this year is the rebranding of Aglow. As we have seen and felt God moving us to a new place in Him, we felt it was time to update our mission statement. You will be hearing much more about this in the coming months and you will begin to see it written as we begin to introduce this statement into all that we do. Since Aglow began in 1967, we have had several mission statements. All of them have been fitting for where the Aglow ministry was at the time. Each one has built on and incorporated the others. In the past, we have referred to the statement that guides us as a mission statement.

We began to look at the meaning of the words “vision” and “mission.” Perhaps the easiest way to explain the use of vision over mission today is to add “ary” to each word and look at their definitions.

A visionary is someone who is casting vision for the future – the big picture. A missionary is one who carries out the work of that vision.

A good vision statement is inspiring. It is a statement that is both bold and broad. It is a statement that encompasses everything we do and leaves expansion for our future. Vision is not about direction.  It is about the height a movement wishes to achieve.

So with that, I would like to introduce our new vision statement which will replace our former mission statement:

New Vision Statement

To carry the truth of the Kingdom that:

  • Restores people to a radiant place of relationship with God and one another
  • Breaks the tyranny of oppression
  • Brings freedom and empowerment

This will be the statement that you use to describe us.

New Mission Statement

Our Mission statement is “in house” and explains how we intend to do the things our vision statement says. An effective mission statement is specific and descriptive of the actual work to be undertaken by a movement. It should answer the questions, “Why do we exist?” and “What do we do?”  With that in mind, our new mission statement is:

Aglow International is a Kingdom Movement committed to seeing God’s will done on earth as it is in Heaven. We do this through:

  • Mobilizing millions into a company of warriors, champions, and global leaders of significance.
  • Establishing powerful Kingdom Communities founded on the fullness of Christ in every nation of the world.
  • Empowering people to develop resources that enable them to take advantage of all that God is releasing from Heaven.
  • Forming apostolic teams that demonstrate the power of Heaven in the darkest places of earth.
  • Cultivating a worldwide presence that creates an atmosphere of celebration, impartation, and restoration.

New Tag Line

Our new tag line will replace “a network of caring women.” While we are still that, we have grown to a new place that encompasses so much more.  Our new tag line is, Every nation touched, every heart changed.

I encourage you to take time to read over the Vision and Mission Statements and memorize the tag line. Let it sink into your spirit. As was spoken to us at our International Conference in Houston, “Aglow has grown up. We have passed our tests. It is the time of our arising!”

We have an open Heaven. We have great favor. It is time we step into it. It is time for us to step into who we are and we must do this individually as well as corporately.

Our New Core Values

We have also updated our Core Values, and they are as follows:

As a Kingdom Community, Aglow International is absolutely committed to:

  • God’s Presence - Creating an atmosphere and environment of worship for the presence of God to be encountered.(Psalm 22:3)
  • Relationship - Treating each other with integrity, openness, honesty, non-negotiable love, and goodness.(1 Peter 4:8)
  • Redemption - Partnering with God for the redemption of all things according to the Gospel. (Col 1:13-14)
  • Freedom - Standing firm against everything that enslaves. (Gal 5:1)
  • Restoration - Bringing every identity into alignment with the purposes of God. (Rom 12:2, Eph 4:22-24)
  • The Beloved - Living as a community who knows they are the beloved, and establishes their identity as the Bride. (Song of Solomon 7:10, Eph 1:6)
  • Goodness - Demonstrating goodness as the power of God to always overcome evil. (Rom 12:21, Acts 10:38)
  • Radiance - Having radiant encounters with God, leading to a brilliant experience of who Christ is in us. (Eph 1:17-20)
  • God’s Kingdom - Expressing the nature of God through reconciliation to the world He loves. (2 Cor 5:18-20, Col 1:19,20)
  • Supernatural Power - Moving in signs, wonders, and miracles to demonstrate the heaven-to-earth nature of life in the Spirit. (Mark 16:17-18, 1 Cor 12:4-11)

This IS who we are. Identity is the key to transformation.  We must know who we are individually and we must know it corporately. Our biggest role is to teach, lead and demonstrate the fullness of Jesus. This must be our passion.

Remember, vision isn’t about the direction you are going but about the height you want to rise to. I encourage you to rise to the fullness of who God is – of who Christ is in you – of who you are in Christ. Aglow is arising – come arise with us!

(Be sure to read the P.S. below from our Creative Services Department, who are working to provide you with all the resources you need to ARISE in your identity in Christ.)

Much love,

Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International

P.S. – From Creative Services Department Re: Communication & Technology

Through technology, we are utilizing every electronic media available to us to communicate with you efficiently and effectively. We are continuously providing new insights and inspiration to help you reach new heights in your identity, through Jane’s Blog Walk Toward the Light, President’s Letters, emails to the field, program updates, Global Prayer Targets, etc. The first step to staying connected is to have/keep a current email on record. Go to MyAglow.org to keep your information updated. If your team members aren’t receiving email, encourage them to provide/update their email as well. (Call 425.775.7282, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have trouble online.)

Second, if you aren’t on Facebook, get on board! What a powerful networking tool to receive the resources necessary to become the model of what it means to be in Christ! Go to the official Aglow International Facebook page and “like” us. By doing so, you will be continuously connected to the impartation of LIFE in Aglow, and have a convenient way of sharing that LIFE with your friends, family and Aglow teams, and acting as a “visual aid” to others.

Third, with the introduction of a new website in the past year, go to Aglow.org often. Explore, read, and provide comments. The website is a wealth of inspiration and resources!

(English | Español | Française)

Dear Ones,

Where does the time go?  The holiday season is almost upon us.  Christmas music is being heard in the stores and customers are being urged to begin checking items off of their lists.  While I love Christmas, everything in me wants to say, Hold on!  I am not ready for this.  And besides, it can’t possibly be true that another year has almost come to an end.  I will say it again….Where does the time go?

While the holidays can be a busy time, it is also the season that reminds the world again of the awesome news that Heaven was announcing to earth!

I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.

Heaven was coming to earth!  The Word was becoming flesh and would dwell in our midst.  The world would be forever altered with the birth of a Savior.  Christ the Lord was making His humble entrance into the world.  Now, all people would have opportunity to know Him…if only they could hear the good tidings of great joy that He came to bring to all.

That was over 2000 years ago.  Today, the world’s population is some 7 billion people, with a Christian population of over 2 billion.   With 1.5 billion Islamists, 1.1 billion Secularists, 900 million Hindu’s, 400 million Buddhists and many other religions, there are still large segments of the global population that have not heard the good tidings

Aglow International – 45 Years of Ministry

John Dawson, President of Youth with a Mission recently stated, Never has Aglow seemed more relevant.

How true that statement is.  Aglow has been on a journey of transformation these past few years.  We aren’t the same ministry we were in the early days of our inception.  Times have changed and God has been preparing Aglow for these times in which we live.  With a current outreach into nearly 170 nations, touching the lives of 17 million people annually, He has positioned us and prepared us.  He has purposed us to make an even greater impact on increased numbers of lives as we boldly share His good tidings to all people.  It is a part of our identity and our inheritance.

New life has been forming over this ministry.  Something of the Spirit has been stirring up our depths with a greater desire to move into a deeper level of relationship with God and to be a greater expression of His life, His goodness, and His love to the world around us.

At our recent Worldwide Conference in Houston, Texas, Chuck Pierce said, This is one of the most significant meetings we have ever had in Aglow.  God wrote the Word around a harvest calendar, not a Roman calendar.  We are being recycled back into a harvest anointing that we will see in every nation.  We need to develop a mind for the future and see the future as linked with expectation.

Dr. Pierce went on to say, Aglow will be used this year to establish the House of the Lord from nation to nation.  The House of the Lord is forming in a way we have never seen before.

Identity is about Living in Your Inheritance

The words of our conference speakers, and many other prophetic words that have been spoken over Aglow in recent years, refer not only to God’s intentionality towards this ministry, but of our identity, our destiny, and our inheritance.  Prophetic words are God’s way of telling us how He views us and connects us with our next stage of identity.  We have become pregnant with promise.  He is giving a new horizon for the journey we are on.

I love this statement from Graham Cooke’s book, Prophetic Wisdom. God supplying all your needs is the baseline of faith.  But there is a bigger, bolder place than that which He wants to release to us.  It is a place which is tied to our identity.  His sons and daughters live in a place above need.  They live in their inheritance.  We are to come to a place in His Spirit where our identity releases our provision.  We are to ask from our inheritance, not from our need.

We are not people of the recession.  Our lives are not based upon the economies of the world.  We are people of the Kingdom, citizens of heaven, with an inheritance that is outrageous, exhilarating and awesome.

An Offering of Worship, Thanksgiving & Rejoicing

We have heard the summons; THIS IS THE TIME OF YOUR ARISING!

I believe that God has made His destiny for Aglow very clear.  We know our identity and we know we have an inheritance to walk in.

Will you please join me in this time of our arising by giving a year-end gift towards the goal of establishing the House of the Lord from nation to nation? We have several donors who have agreed to rise with us and are encouraging us through their generous, early gifts.  You may give now electronically on our secure donation page at www.myaglow.org/netcommunity/JaneLetter11/11 , or send your gift to Aglow International, P.O. Box 1749, Edmonds, WA 98020.  Be sure to note, Jane Letter 11/11 on your check.

I am asking boldly from our place of inheritance.
I am asking in line with our destiny.
I am asking with our future in mind.
I am asking FROM the future.

As Dr. Pierce told us, We need to develop a mind for the future and to see that the future is linked with our expectations.  We are being recycled back into a harvest anointing that we will begin to see in every nation.  You will establish the House of the Lord from nation to nation.


Jane Hansen Hoyt
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Bill of RightsOn December 15, 1791 our forefathers ratified the Bill of Rights, a set of 10 amendments to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights plays a key role in American law and government, and remains a vital symbol of the freedoms and culture of the nation. The first amendment, Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This past December, the U.S. State Department hosted a three-day, closed-door international conference to discuss implementation of Resolution 16/18 with members of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation).  If implemented, it will have a direct impact on the first amendment. If implemented, it will criminalize the criticism of Islam in America. To read reports on this meeting click the following links for articles written by reputable sources: The Investigative Project on Terrorism and Hudson Institute.

The OIC is the world’s largest Islamic Organization with 56 member states and the Palestinian Authority. The OIC is the second largest intergovernmental agency behind the United Nations. These nations typically vote as a bloc within the U.N.

By discussing the implementation of Resolution 16/18, the U.S. State Department immediately gives validity to the OIC's position. The OIC has attempted for the past 12 years to pass resolutions that would criminalize the ‘defamation of religions’, specifically Islam. There appears to be nothing in this that mentions criticism of Christianity or Judaism. Under the resolution, even if what you say about Islam is true, if it incites Muslims to violence, you could be held criminally liable. Unlike traditional U.S. defamation laws, truth would not be considered a defense.

The next meeting to discuss the implementation of this resolution will be held this spring in Europe. Many Europeans are already limited in what they can say because of ‘hate speech’ laws in their nations. The OIC nations already restrict speech so the resolution is meant to silence critics of Islam within western nations. Even if the U.S. does not implement the resolution, if Europe implements it, we would be faced with the possibility of it becoming international law.

There are many who are speaking about the ramifications of this resolution. One leader stated:
Christians need to be concerned regarding this measure because if implemented in the way the OIC desires, it would severely limit what Americans could say regarding Islam. This would include examining the beliefs of Islam, criticizing the prophet or any of the practices within Islam (including honor killings, forced marriages, etc.) or taken to its ultimate, yet logical conclusion proclaiming that ‘Jesus Christ is the Son of God’ since that would be considered blasphemy within Islam. Elected public officials need to be made aware of this resolution and the State Department's activities.

As Aglow women and men we certainly want to be in prayer about this, and as responsible American citizens let our concerns be known to our representatives. By calling the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414 and asking for your State Senator or State Representative, you can make your desire known in a matter of minutes. You can also contact your Senators by going to www.senate.gov A complete list of Senators with contact information is available. Contact your Representative by going to www.house.gov and typing in your zip code.  Give your name, place of residence, and tell them you cannot support the UN resolution 16/18 as it is in violation of the First Amendment.

Representative Lamar Smith of Texas is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. His number is 202-225-4236. Take a moment to call today and let him hear that you hope he will do his best to break the support that some of our key leaders have given to this resolution.

Time is of the utmost importance. It is time our voice is heard in the land.  U.S. support of the United Nations resolution 16/18 must be halted. If it is not, it will soon be illegal for Aglow to hold informational Islamic seminars in the United States.  Call today!

Esther 4:14b Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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