We are not leaving here the same as we came. Those are not just words. We are not the same ministry that we were, because we have given Him all of our excuses. There are no more excuses.  God has been telling us how we are known in Heaven. He has been speaking this into us in various forms for about 8 years.

In 2004, Graham was at that conference and he spoke a word about the fact that acceleration is on this ministry.  He has been with us for successive years and the whole panorama that he has been bringing us has been building layer upon layer, precept upon precept, until we stand in this place today a far different people than we were even 8 years ago.

Can you believe it?  Forty-five years of ministry.  What began with a handful of women has spanned the globe.  What started in one nation has reached out even beyond 170 nations.  We’re currently in 167 but there have been other nations that have been a part of us and for one reason or another have had to pull back for a season.

When you think of the reach of Aglow, isn’t it staggering?  You think of major cities from Los Angeles to London to Mumbai to Buenos Aires.  Think of nations like Zimbabwe, China, Pakistan, and Mongolia.  We are thriving in Mongolia and in all of these places.  We just had a report from our leader related to our groups in China.

We are living in an incredible time aren’t we? It is an awesome time to be known as the people of God. As His people, God has called us to bring a radiant idea of who He is in the earth. I believe that is one of the reasons He has called Aglow forth. Do you think of yourself as being a radiant idea of the Kingdom and of God? Romans 14:17 says, for the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. And I love what it says in another version. It says, the Kingdom of God is about what God does in your life. He sets it in right order. He puts it together and He completes it with joy. Don’t you love that?