This past June, we had a President's Summit that was held in the Seattle area, and it was for all of the Presidents, what we call Lighthouse Presidents, and I think you overseas call them Local Presidents.  It was a gathering of all of our Local Presidents, Lighthouse Leaders and Area Leaders, and it was a time we wanted to just pour into them.  During our time together, Diane Moder and I had an opportunity to have a very brief lunch together and she was just updating me on the mandate that she gives oversight to.  And you are all aware which mandate that is.

What I would say is that leadership is influence.  It is the ability of a person to influence others.  One can lead others only to the degree and the extent that he can influence others to follow him or her.  We all know as Christians that leadership is God-ordained.  It is something He bestowed upon a group of people in various levels within a ministry.  But as leaders, we need to take a look back and see if others are following.  Because if no one is following, you need to question your leadership.

The theme for our conference is Awake! Be Astounded.  It is just the first day and we are already astounded.

Each morning most of us are awakened, summoned out of a place of sweet slumber by the annoying sound of the alarm clock.  How I hate that sound.  In fact, many times, once I have set the alarm clock, I kind of set an inward clock and I wake up before that shrill, awful sound of the alarm clock.  It is so jarring.  But, as we know, an alarm is a signal.  It is a loud noise, a sound, that warns or alerts us it is time.  It is a device that signals it is time to wake up.