Aglow ArmeniaRecently, Aglow Armenia held their first national conference in the beautiful mountains of Dzaghgadzor, Armenia.  Around 50 men and women ranging in age from 10 to 68 attended from several regions in Armenia, Georgia and Nagorno Karabagh.  Multiple denominations and churches were represented, including a group of young people from the Crossroads International Fellowship of Evangelical Students who are partnering with Aglow in Armenia.  

Ruth Kupeian, Aglow Armenia National Prayer Coordinator writes,

The theme of the conference was ‘Leaving the Past Behind and Going into the Future’. The theme song was ‘Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul’, and we did just that.

The first day, we came together praising God and celebrating His Presence among us for all that He is doing.  We showed the video, ‘Aglow at a Glance’ translated into Armenian, and a presentation on Aglow Armenia prepared by Christina Nercessian, Yerevan Generations President.  Our speakers, Inger Porsen, Aglow Denmark National President, and her husband, Borge Porsen, Kolding Men’s Aglow President, gave their messages.  Afterwards we had time of introductions and fellowship over coffee and tea.

On Friday, Inger gave the first message about transforming our mindset.  We ended by writing our worries on a piece of paper and bringing them to the Cross, leaving them there.  Borge gave his testimony over two sessions, touching our hearts and reminding us of the importance of the prayers of women in helping to bring men back to right relationship with God.

During this day we saw people’s faces change from anxiety and worry, to smiles and joy.  In the evening we had a time of fellowship where we prayed for one another.  Inger and Borge prayed with each one about who they are in Christ and for the unique situations in their lives.

On Saturday morning, Inger led two teaching sessions on the Male/Female Reconciliation mandate.  Many questions were answered for those who have been deeply influenced by the culture and erroneous teachings they have heard all their lives.

On Saturday afternoon we had a special meeting with ladies who were interested to know more about Aglow.  Fifteen women came for this question and answer time.  This was followed by splitting up into men’s and women’s groups.  The men met with Borge, and the women with Inger.  Many questions were asked, all relevant to the subject matter of the conference.

On Saturday evening, we had special fellowship, worship, and testimonies over candlelight.  It was a precious time which touched the hearts of everyone in attendance.  Violin music and gifted worship leaders filled the room with God’s wonderful presence.  Paro Torosyan, Aglow Armenia National Treasurer, read a letter from the Father to His precious daughter, which was in line with the whole purpose and message of the conference.  It was such a wonderful time that no one wanted to leave or go to sleep.

During the closing session on Saturday, the group worshipped with dance celebrating what God had done among everyone at the conference.  An offering was taken, and people came forward giving generous gifts for the work of the ministry of Aglow in Armenia. Then Ruth shared from her heart about the prayer ministry of Aglow International and Aglow in Armenia.  

After this, Inger and Borge asked if there were women who were interested in starting a group in Aglow.  Seven women came forward, and Inger, Borge and Ruzanna prayed for and blessed them.  Ruzanna read from Isaiah 62 and led the group in collective declarations for their countries and cities, that they will not rest or be quiet until God makes their regions praiseworthy.

Inger had a vision of a stone being thrown in the water and the rings that form and spread from this.  She believed that this will happen in Armenia.  Inger felt that this is an open door, and God will reach out to the women in Armenia and the surrounding nations through this ministry.

Ruth concludes, There are not enough words to describe this conference.  The atmosphere was full of unity, joy and love which was shared by all the participants.  We prayed for this conference for many years, specifically that the Holy Spirit would guide the whole process, which is exactly how it happened.  We felt that our Lord was the head of this event and He was among us, glorified in everything.  He did amazing and wonderful things in touching the lives of these women and men according to their needs and where they were at, to heal, restore and transform their lives.