Dianne de JongIn her responsibilities of overseeing the European English Aglows, Dianne de Jong travels across Europe encouraging and meeting with Aglow leaders in various nations.

Dianne writes,

Since January I have driven quite often to Eindhoven here in the Netherlands and now we can see how God’s hand has divinely put people and situations in place.  Good days are ahead for this group for sure!

Just last weekend, my assistant Carolyn Jones and I, drove down to Luxembourg to visit and connect with the group there.  God has been knitting their hearts together and lives are being touched. In May I traveled by train to visit our group in Berlin, Germany.  These precious ladies are a blend of African nations and cultures who are going deeper in the awareness of God in them.

We have also traveled back and forth to Spain and to Poland for meetings, preaching, and praying.  My love for God’s word and preaching it to thirsty people was stirred, as well as the wonder of being in the right place, at the right time, and saying the right things.  There’s nothing like it.

Many times in these past months, I have pondered how thankful I am that people pray.  Please be aware of my appreciation, and be confident that your prayers play an important role in my life and the work that goes on around me.  This has been a small glimpse of some of those things.