10172014-nigeria“What does Aglow do? I find the topic very interesting,” writes Bessie Ochinyabo Aglow Nigeria National Treasurer.  “One of the many things Aglow does in Nigeria is prison fellowship. In our town, Otukpo, in the Benue State of Nigeria, Aglow goes into the local prisons weekly. We visit the inmates, share the Word of God with them, and fellowship with them.  It is heartwarming to see Jesus transforming these souls, giving them hope and a future.”

“They are taught how to pray, wait on the Lord, and be of good behavior.  They are excited when prayers are answered.  We also supply Bible to the new inmates, and encourage them to read the Word in their quiet times.”

“Once in a while, babies are born while their mothers are still serving their jail terms.  Aglow now takes responsibility of providing for the needs of both mother and child.  We also ensure that adequate medication is given.  In all cases they have their babies in the hospital where the doctors and midwives are present to carry out the delivery of the babies.”

“Occasionally supplies are taken to the in-mates such as washing soap, footwear, and dresses for the female wing.  There are times where the mothers have children between the ages of 1 -3 years.  Aglow now takes full responsibilities of taking care of the children’s clothing and ensuring that the children are properly fed and healthy.”

“We not only fellowship with the in-mates, some of the Warders (authority) join us too, making their contributions to the glory and honor of our Lord Jesus.  We give God the praise for the open door He has given to us, to serve in the prisons.”