Back the Blue

Recently, Christie Spaulding, challenged the leaders in her Area to reach out to law enforcement and first responder groups. One group took the challenge to heart.

Museum of the Bible

Everywhere Aglow women and men go, we carry the Presence of God with us. Through us, He touches, He heals, He saves, He encourages, and so much more.

Acts of Kindness

Recently Kimberly Wiant, Director of Human Resources and Operations, received news of how consistent acts of kindness touched the lives of a neighbor.

Charleston Lighthouse Using Fireside Chats

The Charleston Lighthouse has found Fireside Chats to be “enlightening, engaging, and valuable”. Because they are a small group, the chats have allowed them to engage people in greater depths.

Kindness Goes A Long Way

Recently Donna Legenza shared a note that she had received from the mayor of her city after Donna had sent her a word of encouragement as a birthday greeting.

Linda Harper, President Kerrville, Tx Aglow

Aglow Kerrville is finding ways to move forward with each challenge that comes their way.

NE Region D.C. Trip

In July Cathy Caylor, NE Regional Director, led a prayer group to Washington, D.C. It was a powerful time of intercession and building relationships with those laboring in D.C.

Freedom From Guilt and Shame

Attending a class using the book Shame, the Thief of Intimacy, Judy Parks’ life was forever changed. Judy said, “I truly can say being led through each chapter and seeing the truth behind the lies set me on a path of no return to freedom from guilt and shame.

Arbuckle Lighthouse Reaches Out to Law Enforcement

As we pray for the police and sheriff departments, could we send a note telling them we are for them and praying? Perhaps go and pray at the station! Be creative! Show love and kindness!

Prayer From the Air

Helen Joy Duperree, State Prayer Coordinator in Pennsylvania headed up state prayer initiative that saw 7 different groups take to the air to pray over the state on June 20, 2020.

Duluth, MN Lighthouse Adopt-A-Cop Lunch

A few years ago, Jean Priest had the desire to bless the local law enforcement officers in Duluth, MN. She began a program called Adopt-A-Cop, and since that initial gathering, it has grown in favor with not only the Police Departments, but the Fire Department, too.

Such A Time As This

Recently we receive emails from Mary Hipple and Barb Waaso sharing their insight on the current situation. Because they demonstrate the identity of the Aglow family, we wanted to share the encouragement in their emails.

Palestine, TX Community Lighthouse Blesses Law Enforcement

The Palestine, TX Community Lighthouse is on the go again with an outreach to local law enforcement agencies in the community blessing them with baked treats.