06162015-waitressEach year, Nancy McGuirk, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, invites leaders from the region to a special relationship and vision casting week called “First Fruits”.  This year the group visited Ocracoke Island to ‘see what the Lord wanted to do’.  Stopping for lunch the group met Tabitha, their waitress, who is also a mom with two children.

In conversation, the Aglow leaders discovered that Tabitha was behind on some of her bills.  Chipping together to leave a healthy tip, the leaders took time to speak words of encouragement and to remind Tabitha who she is from Heaven’s point of view.    You can imagine their delight when Patricia Tripp, Area President, North Carolina - East, relayed the news from a card she received from Tabitha.

“Hey Lovely Ladies, You have been on my mind since the day I was so blessed to serve you.  My kids and I are doing pretty good.  The gifts you blessed me with went towards rent and the light bill.  It was truly a blessing.  There are not enough words that I can say to each of you to thank you for your help.  As you told me that day, my life will only get better as I keep the Lord in my corner.  Your words and smiles let me know every step will get easier for my little family.  Thank you all for caring.  You showed me that life is worth pushing on and I can be the best I can be.  I would love to hear from you, so please, write and if you come back to Ocracoke, check on me!”

God orders our steps.  He schedules our situations and encounters.  He has placed us in our communities to be the salt and light in the earth.  Take time to notice those around you, as you just might be the answers to their prayer.