08072015-flyersAt a Regional Gathering, Nancy McGuirk, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, suggested to her leaders that they go out into their neighborhoods and hang door hangers to announce their meetings. The suggestion struck a chord in the heart of Eileen Flenner, Waynesboro Aglow President. As Nancy spoke, Eileen visualized going door to door with her team hanging the announcements. When she returned home and presented the idea to her team, they prayed and agreed that they should begin doing this in the spring of this year.

Eileen writes, “We began the outreach by first prayer walking a lovely neighborhood situated strategically behind the family restaurant where we hold our monthly meetings. On the first Saturday in May our team did some scouting prayer for about an hour. We talked with a woman weeding her flowers by her mailbox, telling her how much we admired her flowers, and that we were prayer walking. We told her we loved to pray, and asked if she had a prayer request. She took us up on the prayer, and we prayed for her. When we told her about Aglow inviting her to our meetings, she gave us her name and e-mail address!”

“Off we went to the printers to put in our order for the door hangers. We did receive a family discount, but the hangers were still very costly. One of our members who is a Realtor said she would cover half of the cost. Then out of the blue, one of our members who does not come to our meetings very often because of health issues, sent us a check for $100.00 to go towards the work of the Waynesboro Aglow. This woman did not know of the outreach we were planning. God was endorsing our endeavors to reach out into the community.”

“The words from Joshua 1:3, ‘Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you…’ echoed in our minds as nine of the Waynesboro Aglow members canvased a neighborhood of about 300 homes in June.”

“For two hours, the nine of us went door to door hanging the door hangers announcing our Aglow meetings. One of our members prayed with a gentleman while he was in his yard, and another gentleman said he and his wife would come to our next meeting.”

“The outreach has already started to produce fruit, and the nine members who went out have unified even more with the common goal of sharing God’s love.”