Stories for LifeThe South San Antonio Aglow Lighthouse, has a heart to reach out to the community. One of the ways they reached out to children is through “Stories For Life” headed by Lighthouse Vice President Jeanne Tamez, a certified teacher. Aglow partnered with Hunters Glen Townhomes to host the event.

The first story read to the children was “God Knows Me!” by Joel Anderson. This book presents Psalm 139 to children in a way they can understand. After reading the book, the children got to study their fingerprints under a magnifying glass to reinforce what they had learned. They were amazed that all their fingerprints were different.

Then the children were asked who would like to pray to receive Jesus in their hearts. All fourteen children in attendance raised their hands, and their names are now written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

As the team served pizza and blessed the food, the children asked, “Will you teach us to pray?” They were excited and ready.

Dee Chandler, Central Texas Area Aglow President writes, “Countless hours, months, and years of intercession for this area of San Antonio is the foundation of this one single event. We in Aglow, count it an honor to be woven in to this transformation God has ordained. Thank You, Lord for letting us be a part of this move of God in South San Antonio! Hearts will be reborn, lives will be changed, and God will get ALL the GLORY!”