10-8-2015-water-bottlesThis summer the Walla Walla, WA Aglow was given a special opportunity to demonstrate the goodness of God as Walla Walla, (pop. 30,000) hosted 20,000 people who attended the Gentlemen of the Road concert in the city. Aglow members joined other churches in praying throughout the area in preparation for God’s Love to be released during this event.

On a very hot day in August, Aglow members joined with a local church to distribute free water, blessing those who passed by on their way to the concert.  As the water was given out people gave responses such as, “I am amazed!”, “Really!”, “Wow!”, and “Thanks so much, what a treat!”

A special moment for Walla Walla Aglow President, Paula McKee, was when a man about 30 years old seemed stunned as he took the water. After he thanked her, he took a few steps, paused to look at the water, then stared at it as he continued his walk.  She was grateful to see the man touched by this blessing from God. She felt Aglow’s prayers were answered as she saw the love and the peace of God released in the atmosphere. Paula writes, “An amazing aroma of peace filled the event.”

The grateful members of Walla Walla Aglow felt honored to be part of this awesome experience, as God brought people to their city to be prayed for and blessed.