08142014-trash How many times have we looked at a situation on a surface level and formed an opinion without knowing the fuller truth of the matter?  The Lord showed Linda Evans, Alaska – Northern/Interior Area Team, a deeper look into His heart in just such a circumstance.

Linda writes, “In Alaska a lot of people have a very independent spirit. Houses can be in a real nice neighborhood with average to above average home values. But some people are just plain hoarders. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see a home with 5-15 cars, broken down vans, junk piled high in the yard, and it gets worse every year. For the last 20 years I have seen one particular house get worse and worse.”

“Over time I got really angry about the situation, even contemplating calling City Hall to complain. Last year as I was passing by, the thought came to me, “If only I had a match, I would just light up the place and take care of the problem.” Then I thought, “Oh my, Lord, forgive me!” I truly repented for the sin in my heart towards the owner.  That’s when the Lord spoke to my heart saying, "What’s on the outside of the house, is what is inside his heart.”

“After that gentle admonition from the Lord, I started praying for him every time I passed by the house, no longer feeling any resentment towards the owner of the home.  A few weeks passed by, and I noticed things disappearing from the yard.  Since last year the yard has been cleaned up considerably. Not totally, but it is a privilege to pray for a stranger. I'm reminded of the old song, "Somebody prayed for me, had me on their mind, sacrificed their time....”

Let this be an encouragement for us to pray for difficult people. Perhaps God has put them in our paths for just that purpose. We want them to see Jesus.