2016 9 16 china flagThe Aglow work described below can only be shared by not revealing the names of the cities where these exciting events took place. Rejoice with us that God is leading Aglow women to minister in the darkest places on earth, bringing the light of Jesus Christ to those who are hungry for His touch.

Recently a group of Aglow leaders from Hong Kong were invited to speak at two different churches in mainland China. The Christians in this nation are hungry for more of God and rejoiced to receive the teachings brought by this Aglow team.

Here are the highlights:

  • The places they visited had been experiencing severe weather in recent weeks but cleared up when Aglow arrived there!
  • Over a period of 8 days, 16 different messages were shared with the people in two cities which were a 3 hour train ride apart.
  • After teachings were given on healing, 90% of the people responded to the call for prayer.
  • Many received healings that day.
    Testimonies include: healing of eye problem, numbness in head gone, healing of neck pain, leg pain, back pain, stomachache, and long term cough. A man who was deaf in one ear regained hearing in that ear. Many felt very light and free.
  • So many people came forward to testify of their healing that time did not allow for all to be heard.
  • After a teaching on the Legacy of Jesus, many received the fullness of an empowered Christian walk 
  • The Aglow women also received a very warm welcome from some significant people in the cities.
  • The team also received favor with different pastors, one of whom recognized the prophetic gifting happening in their midst and asked for prayer from the Aglow women.
  • There is a possibility of a new Aglow group beginning in one town.

God is on the move in China and lives are being transformed by the teachings and prayers of the Aglow women. This is another example of Aglow women traveling by air, train or bus to reach those in the nations hungry for more of God and his healing touch.