2015-12-9-praying-handsPrior to a summer festival this year in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, the Aglow Faroe Island Prayer Coordinator, Súsanna B Hammer, led a prayer group located in the capital city. They met with the objective of praying for the festival and also for the government and Parliament, because of some ungodly laws the government was presenting.

After the festival the group continued to meet weekly to pray for the upcoming September elections. During this time, many different people showed up at the prayer meeting including Parliament members, family members of Parliament, heads of Parliament and others. The Aglow women were able to pray for them specifically and to bless them with words from God.

The group is still meeting every week to pray. A prayer team member writes, “We see this is a work of God. Many are still coming to prayer.”

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