Aglow Canada/US Prayer TeamWomen from Aglow Canada and Aglow in the USA met from March 19 - 20 2015 to pray at the border of the two nations.  On the first day the group gathered for prayer at the Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia, Canada, and Port Huron USA, and the following day they prayed along the Detroit River in Detroit, Michigan, and in Windsor, Ontario.  The primary purpose was to declare the Majesty of God and the Goodness of God over the nations of Canada and the United States.

Maureen Smith, Aglow Canada National VP of Administration writes, “It was a powerful time, and we had a lot of fun too! We covered a lot of ground in the Spirit as we prayed at these four locations.  As I listened to recordings that we kept, I was again struck by the awesomeness of our God and His call on us as individuals and as Aglow.”

“There were some clear themes that repeated as we prayed. One was thankfulness!  Often we prayer with thankful hearts for our nations, our leaders, Aglow, and for the privilege of standing in support of one another.”

“There was a powerful sense of unity.  In Sarnia we surrounded our American sisters and prayed support and blessing over them and their nation. There was a strong sense that we in Aglow Canada have their backs, and that we will continue to stand with our USA brothers and sisters in the favour that Canada is now enjoying.  In Sarnia, one of the team members declared, ‘Do it again, Lord! Do it again!’ calling forth the spirit of revival awakening, and praying about our need for the Holy Spirit to breath powerfully on North America again, releasing joy and glorious signs and wonders.  We prayed that the Lord will bring restoration and healing to our land proclaiming the word that Prime Minister Harper used the day after the shooting on Parliament Hill, ‘we [Canada, USA, Mexico] will not be intimidated!’”

Canada/US flags“The team prayed about the continent of North America, and about the redemptive gifts of Canada, the USA, and Mexico.  Prayer went forth for each nation’s government to arise to their truest identity, that they would be all that they are called to be by God. There was a sense of a continental relationship and power.”

“During the prayer time we focused on the economy, for peace and safety at the borders, and many other topics.  We did two prophetic acts, putting salt and oil in the river at Detroit and exchanging soil in Windsor. As we prayed about the land and the nations, from time to time the prayer would move to prayer for the land and the nation Israel.  It seemed so fitting, since we are all connected with the nation of Israel.  At the conclusion of our prayer time we sang the chorus, ‘Over us, over us, He shall reign Glorious.’”