2016 7 myanmarIn May of this year, Alice Tsoi, Jane Lau (Aglow Hong Kong), and Linda Manickavasagam (Aglow Malaysia) traveled to Myanmar to celebrate Aglow’s 20th anniversary in that nation. Linda writes, “We were all first timers to Myanmar, and were pleasantly surprised to see a country that is starting to flourish with new industries being set up with the help of other countries.”

At the anniversary meeting Alice Tsoi affirmed the women in their leadership roles and talked about some aspects of GameChangers messages. She also shared key points from Jane Hansen Hoyt's New Year Message. A beautiful rendition of 'Be Thou My Vision' was sung in the Burmese language by the sister-in-law of the Aglow Myanmar National President. After the function, a sumptuous lunch was served.

Aglow Myanmar has a heart for the poor and needy women and children in their nation. Many women are widowed at a young age. Aglow Myanmar has established up to 30 outreaches in different locations in their nation to meet the needs of the people and bring Christian teachings.  While the team was visiting, the Myanmar National Board took them to visit 3 of the outreaches on the outskirts of Yangon. There were about 20 children and 8 adults at the first outreach. The children were being taught in a Sunday school fashion, and the adults were doing a Bible study. The house where the outreach was taking place was built by Aglow Myanmar on land that was donated to them.

2016 7 myanmar bible studyAt the second outreach Aglow leaders were doing a Bible study. The leader is also teaching the women to sew so that they can supplement their income. This brick house, built by a missionary organization that is partnering with Aglow, houses the Aglow leader. She feels blessed to have a water tank, toilet, and electricity.

2016 7 myanmar pianoThe leaders were welcomed at the third outreach with jasmine flower garlands and red roses as it was Mother’s Day. This house was also a gift from the same missionary organization. Masumi (from Japan Aglow) set up her hand-rolled piano and taught the children a song. Then Alice Tsoi prayed for the children and the leader who suffered from frequent headaches and low blood pressure. Others also came forward for prayer. All those who came that day were provided a lunch meal.

Aglow groups have been established throughout the nation of Myanmar. They are visited at least twice a year as travel is difficult and distance is a constraint. Every first Saturday of the month the National Board meets with the leaders of the Candlelight groups in and around the capital city. Fellowship gatherings are held the second week. The outreaches are visited the 3rd week, and the 4/5 week is set aside for prayer and fasting.
In Linda’s report she concludes, “Aglow Myanmar is growing and flourishing, fulfilling their Kingdom purposes through the Aglow ministry.”

We praise God for the consistent, simple and vital ministry of helps through Aglow Myanmar that is touching the lives of so many women and children. It was in this nation, from July to September 2015 where severe monsoon rains produced flooding that affected 12 of the 14 states in the nation. The flooding resulted in about 103 deaths and affected up to 1 million people. More than 15,000 homes were destroyed. Through all that, and every day since, Aglow is there to share the love and comfort of Jesus to those in need.