Earthquake destructionIn an update on the Nepal earthquake from the Kalimpong (northern India) Aglow Area Board, our leader writes, “So far Aglow personnel are safe after the destructive earthquake in the Darjeeling District, but a number of believers from two different churches in Kathmandu, Nepal were killed in the quake. 

The husband of a member of Kalimpong Aglow who is a pastor was preaching in a church in Kathmandu when the quake hit.  He reported that the building started shaking, and he saw buildings next to the church falling down.  He lifted up his hand and said, ‘Lord if You want to take us today, we surrender our lives into Your hand.’ 

After the quake the entire congregation went outside and thanked God for saving them. The house where the preacher was staying was completely destroyed.  He lost all his personal belongings except the mobile phone in his pocket.  The pastor returned home by overnight bus having to pay over twice the normal fee. Mild aftershocks are still affecting the country.”

At the time of this writing the death toll from the earthquake stands at over 8,000. Please continue to pray for Nepal as they recover and rebuild after this enormous tragedy.  Read more about Nepal on the website.