2016 18 23 ghana

Sandy Wezowicz, Aglow Israel Education Director recently went to Ghana, in Africa, to present a WOW (Watchman on the Wall) Seminar. Sandy writes, “I was invited to the country by Aglow Ghana President, Dr. Dorothy Danso. She and her team were very gracious hosts.”

There are 25 million people in Ghana, and it is a predominately Christian nation. Aglow Ghana has around 20,000 members and is highly respected in the country. The visit was reported on television, and a large article about Aglow and the WOW seminar ran for two days in a major newspaper. It is said that the Aglow intercessors have been “a wall around Ghana”.

More than 1,200 people attended the Monday morning opening session where Sandy shared along with other speakers, including the government’s Minister of Culture and Tourism as well as the Minister of Women and Children. One of the Ghanaian Ambassadors from the diplomatic service also attended. The worship was led by the Aglow Choir and the Men’s AglowBrass Band. Leaders from each of Ghana’s ten districts attended. View video of the worship

The WOW seminar was held from Monday morning to Wednesday morning. The Ghanaian President’s Chief of Staff visited on the second day of the seminar. He said that they realize that Aglow in Ghana and their prayers are responsible for God really pouring out His blessings and protection on the nation.

The leaders also asked Sandy to be part of a prayer gathering that takes place once a month in four different locations around the nation. Sandy attended the gathering at Black Star Park in the capital city of Accra. Aglow Ghana National Prayer Co-coordinator, Gifty Dadize, led the prayers with intentionally targeted topics.

During one portion of the gathering ten charcoal stoves were spaced out in the park representing each of the 10 districts in Ghana. A group of leaders went to each stove area where a large map of the district was unfolded and unique prayers were offered leading the entire gathering in intercession for that particular area. Huge drums responded to each prayer as it was made. Sandy writes, “It was very moving and powerful. This went on all morning and finished about noontime.” View video of intercession drums

At the conclusion of the prayer gathering Aglow served a luncheon for the thousands who attended. The meal finished with fruits and desserts. The Aglow women fed everyone, in addition to preparing and paying for all the food and beverages. Sandy writes, “I was asked to share some about Israel and to give the benediction. When I saw all of this, I began to realize why the President of the nation speaks so highly of Aglow. Aglow has great favor in Ghana. It was a very busy week, and we felt the prayers the entire time we were there.”