Botswana compositeOn September 30th of this year, the nation of Botswana will celebrate its 50th year of being established as an independent nation. Smitta Moalosi, Aglow Botswana National President writes, “It is with great joy to share with the Aglow International community that 2016 is Botswana’s Jubilee year after being a British Protectorate for 87 years. It was on September, 30, 1966 that we obtained independence. We are grateful to God our Mighty Father for peace over the last 50 years. Our nation is landlocked and about the same size as the state of Texas or the nation of France. We are grateful for the geographical position where God saw fit to place us, in the southern part of Africa. Kindly pray for us, our Independence Day, and celebrations on September 30th of this year. Different activities of celebrations have already started, and there is joy in the land.”