testimony-webOur leader in Nigeria recently wrote to us with an update on what is happening in her nation.  She writes, “On July 6, Boko Haram bombed Jos (a city in northern Nigeria) twice, killing almost 50 people. One bombing was at a restaurant, the other close to a mosque.”

“Surprisingly, after the bombing, a number of youths from unknown quarters started burning churches located in the area.”

“Just previous to these bombings, Boko Haram members disguised as worshipers in a church, detonated a bomb during the church service, killing the pastor and a number of members.  This happened in one of the North Eastern towns.”

“This morning (July 12) two bombs were planted at a church in Jos. One of them was apparently timed to explode when the worshippers were leaving the church to go home.

One of the church guards sighted the bomb and threw it away from the church. It exploded with a deafening sound which could be heard kilometers away. By the grace of God, there were no casualties.  The church was searched, and another bomb was detected in the restroom. It was deactivated before it detonated.”

“God averted the calamity that would have befallen Christian worshippers in the hand of Boko Haram.”

An Aglow leader from another nation recently wrote, “The enemy would like for us to despair as the darkness grows thick, but the light and the glory of Heaven is increasing and overtaking the darkness, and we know that we are on the winning side with Jesus.”