America Arising

If we want to see the government of God arise in the earth, we must first allow it to arise in us, His people, in a greater way. 
– Jane Hansen Hoyt

This is a time of crisis in the United States and throughout the world.  In this day of global political, economic and social upheaval, the leadership of the United State impacts the world as well as the people of this nation.

This is also a time for God’s glory to be demonstrated in the earth.  It is time for the community of believers to arise in God’s might and creativity to bring God’s solutions and transformation into troubling issues.  It is time to proclaim God’s intentions from heaven to earth – Your kingdom come, Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

Arise, America!

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Proclaim the government of God in our nation.  Call upon His wisdom to lead us through the current issues facing our nation.  See God's Majesty arise in you to transform our nation with the abundance of His grace, goodness, peace and righteousness.

Proclaim God's Arising in the Church of America

  • Let the government of God arise in us, His people, in a greater way.
  • We are more astonished at who God is for us than overwhelmed by circumstances.
  • Let the Presence of God bring spiritual awakening that transforms the nation.

Proclaim God's Arising in the Government of America

  • Let America seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, for righteousness exalts a nation.       
  • Guide government decisions with wisdom and understanding that comes from heaven.
  • Let the increase of God’s government arise and transform the government of America.  Let America be aligned with the government of heaven.

Proclaim God's Majesty in the Nations of the Earth

  • Let U.S. Foreign Policy align with biblical principles.
  • Let the U.S. serve to demonstrate God’s goodness among the nations.
  • Let the U.S. stand firm in its commitment to Israel.