Dear Friend,

What an incredibly, full year this has been for Aglow!  In my opening blog in January, I spoke of 2012 being a year to see, to watch, and to experience the government of God as it rises in the earth anew.  In order for this to happen, we purposed to allow the increase of His government to arise in us individually.  We determined to be intentional in:

  • Receiving and expressing His goodness daily.
  • Living in abundance and not measure.
  • Being more astonished at who God is for us.
  • Processing everything through His majesty. 

For the last 8 years, we have been walking in a prophetic cycle that has been unfolding before us. Each of our conferences have built one upon the other with this conference bringing a culmination of transformation that is bearing fruit and has defined our future.

Our wineskin has changed.  Aglow has become a transformational Kingdom culture with mindsets not of this world.  We are arising in a new identity in the earth and we are a prototype people who know their God and, who are known by their God.

Following our 2012 U. S. National Conference, Tony, Anna Hammer, and I left for a strategic conference in Britain with Nonnie McVeigh, National President of Great Britain and her wonderful, apostolic board.  They have carried the vision abroad and have watched faithfully as groups have been established in Cyprus, the Isle of Man, Romania, Ukraine, and many other places. Aglow is blessed to have leaders in the nations of the world who are not afraid to slay the giants in their land and in surrounding countries.

Great Britain Carrying the Vision

While at the conference in Britain, my eyes were drawn to Isaiah 55:5, “Surely you shall call a nation you do not know, and nations who do not know you shall run to you, because of the Lord your God, and the Holy One of Israel; for He has glorified you.”  During a time of proclamation, I felt to call out to Malta, a nation with no Aglow presence and a nation that the leaders of Britain have determined to reach.  Everyone on the platform stood behind me in support.  A key leader in Britain, also an Aglow advisor, urged me to go further with the proclamation, declaring it over all of the world and Aglow.  It was a powerful moment that I expect to see fruit come from in the near future.

Anna Hammer, Aglow’s Generation Project Director, was like a woman on fire as she spoke to the younger generation in Britain. She spoke so freely, encouraging each person to take his or her place to light the darkness.   She is doing a marvelous job and we were amazed to hear of the many generations groups that are lighting dark places in their communities.

Prayer for America

Coming home from Britain, I headed to Washington, D.C. to join the United States National Leadership Team (USNLT), Nancy McDaniel, Prayer Director, Sandy Wezowicz, Israel Education Director, and Diane Moder, Islam Education Director in a 3-day, time of focused prayer for America.    The USNLT has completed 3 years of prayer trips to the DC area; one region each month along with a prayer team of seasoned warriors and champions.  Many relationships have been built with strategic ministries in the DC area.

The first day of our time began with a prayer luncheon. Among the invited were those responsible for ministries which stand on the walls in DC.  A beautiful flow of worship mixed with prayer topics covered by members of the USNLT made for a wonderful time of calling our nation into alignment with heaven’s purposes.  Following the luncheon, Aglow leaders walked the halls of the capitol, stopping in prominent places for times of strategic prayer.

The next day, our first stop was the White House.  Looking like other tourists, we were on a mission, proclaiming that it would be on earth in the White House as it is in Heaven.  We also enjoyed a time of food and fellowship with our friends at Family Research Council. Then we joined Jason Hershey, the YWAM intercessor who initiated David’s Tent. Located on the ellipse of the White House, David’s Tent was a tent filled with 24/7 worship and prayer for the 40 days leading up to the elections.  It was a glorious trip.

Incredible Life in Texas

Leaving DC, Linda Jones, Chief of Executive Relations/Executive Director of the US Field, Kathy Sanders, Leader Development Director, and I stopped in Austin, Texas for a Leader’s Summit with the Central Area and Heart of Texas Area leaders.  This meeting marked the third time I have been in Texas this year.  It was remarkable to see the continued building of what God is doing and saying in the ministry.  There is incredible life there.  In fact, the first night I spoke, 6 people reported the next day that they were healed.  Truth sets people free.

It is a new day in Aglow. Indeed, we are a transformational Kingdom culture that is not ruled by mindsets of this world. We have aligned with Heaven and our declarations are made as we listen into the conversations taking place in Heaven.

As you plan your end of the year giving for 2012, exalt His Majesty today and make an end-of-year gift.  Allow His Majesty to dominate your mindset. Allow His Majesty to become so magnificent that it rules the enemy from your inner man.  Of all the places He could have chosen to live, He has chosen to make His home within you. Receive today from His Majesty living within you.

And, as you think about your end-of-year gift, consider becoming part of the company of people spoken of in a prophetic word from 2008. This word, spoken from our future, described hundreds of thousands of ordinary people giving into the work of Aglow.  Already, this group of “A” Company givers who have pledged to give a minimum monthly gift of $10 or more has grown in the last 4 months from 700 to over 1,000. Won’t you consider becoming a part of this end time giving-group if you are not already? Join "A" Company Today!

Thank you for responding to the nudge of the Holy Spirit as you consider;

  1. Your end-of-year gift and
  2. Becoming part of “A” Company today, a great company of warriors and champions, and sowing a monthly gift of $10 or more ($10 min.)