Turn your STUFF into changed lives

An estimated 91% of America’s wealth is in non-cash assets. By donating these items, you are able to take advantage of tax benefits (please consult your tax advisor) as well as help support Aglow International. In an economy where cash seems to be disappearing, it has become increasingly difficult to donate by direct means of cash.

Donating non-cash is a creative way to continue to support Aglow  and allow us to do what we have been called to do. One person’s “unused stuff” is another person’s treasure and the profit can be used to reach nations and change lives for the Kingdom.  Read about how easy it was for one Aglow couple to donate their van.

iDonate logoAglow has partnered with a company called ”iDonate”. iDonate is a service provider who assists nonprofits in raising more money by creating new ways for their donors to support the organization through the gifting and liquidating of non-cash gifts.

iDonate assists by arranging everything from the pickup or shipping of the donation, to turning the donation into cash, and then sending proceeds minus a minimal fee, to Aglow. Their goal is to make the process of donating non-cash assets easy for both you, as the donor, and for Aglow. They receive a small service fee for liquidating your asset and the remainder comes to Aglow to help support our international ministry around the world. You can donate items like: vehicles, boats and RV’s, excess business inventory, equipment, jewelry, precious metals, collectibles and so much more. It‘s as simple as clicking the Get Started button below and iDonate will help you through the process and answer your questions. Please note that non-cash giving through iDonate is for U.S. residents only.

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iDonate's toll free number for more information:  877-897-4273

Couple Donates Van

ed-carAfter reading about iDonate on the Aglow website, Lucy McDowell was intrigued and clicked on the “Give ‘Stuff’ FAQs” link to find out more.

Lucy writes, I discussed giving our van to iDonate with my husband and he was in agreement. Then I filled out a simple donation form at Aglow.org.

A representative from iDonate called to go over the details. They answered my questions in a courteous manner offering helpful suggestions.

It was a such a simple transaction. A representative called to schedule a time to pick up the car. I will definitely consider donating other items to Aglow through iDonate as it required minimal effort. Aglow is a tremendous organization that blesses and impacts many lives.

I highly recommend this avenue of giving non-cash items to Aglow through iDonate. It was so easy.