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Given As Bread

#AglowFridayVideo – Given as Bread In this time of rising tensions and division, God has prepared a people that can be given as Bread to the World. A Bread that sustains and satisfies in a deep way.

The Real Deal

In these uncertain times, do you find yourself trying to fill an empty space inside created by unrest? In this week's segment, listen as Jane Hansen Hoyt reminds us that the only true source of peace comes from the "Real Deal."

Stable As Can Be

#AglowFridayVideo In this week's segment, Jane Hansen Hoyt reveals to us that the source of instability is depending on self. Listen as Jane encourages us to go back to the core truth that is as stable as stable can be.

Your Strength is Not Enough

In this week's #AglowFridayVideo Jane speaks from Genesis 12 and how Abraham's first efforts were out of his own strength and it was not enough.

Give Christ Away

#AglowFridayVideo In this time of division and polarization Jane Hansen Hoyt brings insight to deliver unity into our midst again.

A Global Ministry

For over 50 years Aglow International has been a safe gathering place for people to grow, heal, and worship God; we look at the heart. Listen as Jacqueline and Corina, the Presidents of two U.S. Aglow groups, give a spirited and emotional invitation in Spanish (with English closed captions) to take part in the ministry that exists in over 170 nations of the world.

Throwing the First Stone

In this week's message, friend of Aglow, Asher Intrater teaches out of John Chapter 8 and shows us how to seek righteousness in the midst of negative circumstances. "Putting down the stone" allows us to reject partnering with adversity and invites God to meet our needs in a new way.

This is Practice

Prayer Director, Nancy McDaniel, shares a word the Lord gave her at the beginning of 2020. Listen as Nancy gives insight into a work God is doing that will prepare our hearts for what is coming. What we are experiencing now, is just a practice.

Look For The New

Jane Hansen Hoyt reminds us at the opening of our recent Jerusalem convocation that your goodness and power come not from your behavior but from Christ within you.

Favor as a Lifestyle

When hope for the future seems dim, Graham Cooke reminds us that our prophetic words, personally as well as corporately, give us much needed confidence regarding outcomes. It doesn't matter what's in front of you, your prophetic words can overcome it! Share this video with someone who is searching for meaning and understanding during these extraordinary times.

Kingly Intercession

In 2017, Aglow was celebrating 50 years of ministry and was poised to move into a new era. In this video, we hear a prophetic declaration of God’s purpose for Aglow for the next 50 years. As in Proverbs 16, Aglow has committed its works to the Lord, and its plans have been established. God is in charge!

The Bottom Line

When the answers to life's problems seem nowhere to be found, Aglow Worship Leader Emeritus, Ruth Collingridge reminds us what “the bottom line” is. Listen as Ruth encourages us to keep pursuing God's purpose for our life.

Why, God?

In this week’s message Aglow’s President/CEO Jane Hansen Hoyt answers the age-old question, Why has God allowed this? Listen as Jane reveals the opportunity in your circumstance to rise up into a place greater than any you’ve walked in before.

Connect With Heaven

Aglow President & CEO, Jane Hansen Hoyt shares insight into fasting as an opportunity to focus on the Lord. A time that allows your spirit and heart to be drawn closer to the Lord. Listen as Jane shows us a place we can step into where we can hear an obey and move according to God's spirit in ways perhaps we haven't been able to before.

His Plans Are Good

At this time, after much prayer and seeking the Lord, Jane lets us know that we will not be holding an Aglow Conference in September of this year. We are looking at other ways we can connect as a family in the future. As we continue to see the Lord and fast Jane encourages us to wait on the Lord and to be filled with courage. Feel Him strengthening your heart and take time to rest in Him...every plan He has for us is GOOD.

In the Midst

As the enemy works overtime to stir the atmosphere, Jane Hansen Hoyt reminds us of the keys to peace that we can apply to our current circumstances. Jane goes on to further our grasp of the trust and rest that is also possible as she shares from the book The Invisible War by Donald Gray Barnhouse. God is for us and He will rise and be glorious in the midst of it all!

Turn us all Around

As the world continues to shake, Jane Hansen Hoyt prays that Jesus would turn us all around and enable us to walk with one another in a greater way.

God's Got You

In these times of upheaval and uncertainty, our lives can feel like we're on a roller coaster. Jane Hansen Hoyt reminds us it's all in His control. Be at rest, be at peace...He's got you.

Doing a Reset

This week, Jane Hansen Hoyt speaks of the quietness we're all experiencing when the productiveness of life has seemingly stopped. In this video, Jane helps us to refocus our view and see what God is doing in this time.

The Exchanged Life

Description: Aglow International President/CEO, Jane Hansen Hoyt shares insight from the book "Spiritual Secrets" by Hudson Taylor. Join Jane as she gives us a greater understanding of Taylor's statement, "Christ is the only power for unchanging joy."

Look Inside

Description: As turmoil and discord grip the world, friend of Aglow, Asher Intrater, reveals Jesus' timely message in John 8:7 to encourage us to stand as people of the Light. Join Jane Hansen Hoyt at the close of the message as she prays a new freedom, a new liberty and new cleansing in our spirit and our hearts.

Cultivate Goodness

As chaos unfolds around the world, Graham Cooke delivers a prophesy more relevant today than ever. When we find ourselves in a struggle, the question to ask is NOT, "Lord, WHY is this happening?" But, "Lord, WHAT do you want to transform?"

Personal Revival

In midst of the stillness the world has been experiencing and the collapse of things that have always seemed dependable, Jane Hansen Hoyt speaks of the solid foundation of all that is real, and never changes. Jesus.

One Body

In this time leading up to Pentecost, Jane speaks of a stirring taking place that is a deep work of God. A work taking place in each of us that is part of God's longing for deeper relationship with us. And in this, it is moving us toward the fulfillment of John 17:21; that we become One Body, in a way we have not seen yet.

Step Into Day Eight

As we continue to seek God's purpose in this season, Jane helps set our sight on where God is taking us. It's on His shoulders. Listen as Jane shares with the Aglow HQ staff and begins with a Word from Ezekiel 12. Prepare your communion elements and join Jane in this short message that will fuel your spirit and fill you with joy and hope.

Filled to the Brim

This week, Jane speaks of a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is setting us free even now, to fulfill the purposes for which we were created. Be sure to "Like" and share this video with others who would appreciate this message.

A New Boldness

This week, Jane reflects on a work Holy Spirit is doing in the midst of these unusual times; and speaks of a 'veil' being removed that is taking us to a new place in Him filled with joy and liberty. Be sure to "Like" and share this video with your team and others who would appreciate this message.

Joyfully Expectant

In this week's video, Aglow's President & CEO, Jane Hansen Hoyt, gives insight into a word she received at the start of 2020 before the Coronavirus crisis took hold. It's an indication that God is doing something enormous that is fulfilling His desire for us in a very personal way.

It's Big... Really Big

As we ponder the meaning of the "timeout" we are currently in, listen as Jane Hansen Hoyt recalls something significant she saw in 2017 at the Aglow 50th Anniversary Celebration; and helps us to see into what is to come.

Fear Not

In the midst of this global, Coronavirus pandemic, we need not fear! He is with us always, even to the ends of the earth. Listen as President/CEO, Jane Hansen Hoyt encourages us in this challenging time.

The Meal That Heals

President/CEO, Jane Hansen Hoyt invites us to receive healing through communion. Watch as Jane reveals the power of the "meal that heals" that restores and renews every aspect of our lives and enables us to take hold of everything God has spoken over us.

Stand Strong

In this hopeful and reassuring message, Jane Hansen Hoyt, Aglow International President & CEO, reminds us that God has our protection covered during this Coronavirus outbreak.

Now Is The Time

At the 2019 Jerusalem Convocation, Asher Intrater speaks of the crossroad we find ourselves at today. Now is the time to rise to a higher level to access the authority of Heaven, and change the situations we are facing.

Getting the Kinks Out

Jane Hansen Hoyt and Rick Allen discuss the masks we wear.


Do you ever feel that somehow your behavior has missed the mark? In this video, Jane Hansen Hoyt reveals uplifting truth about God's ability to present us faultless before His throne.

The Right Time

Conference speaker, Lance Wallnau relates a humorous connection between the theme of the 2018 U.S. National Conference and when he would "meet" Aglow and speak.

Sharpening Focus

In this week's Wednesday release, Jane Hansen Hoyt reveals how God is sharpening our focus so that He can fulfill his intention to redeem every aspect of our life.

A Call to Presence

In this clip from the 2019 Jerusalem Convocation, Jane Hansen Hoyt reflects on the clarity and power God has been speaking to Aglow about the importance of His Presence.

Are you Paying Attention?

In this weeks clip, Dutch Sheets shares a story that reveals God's intention to expose what the enemy is doing and how to take out "giants."


In this week's clip, Lance Wallnau shares thoughts about a radical invasion of God's glory and its effect on the great harvest.


Listen as Dutch Sheets shares a word to Aglow about waiting on the Lord.