Acts 1:8 states that we are to be witnesses…to the ends of the earth.  I think I took that word quite personally this past year.

I started the year by traveling to Europe, Israel, Hong Kong and China. In the middle of the year, I returned to Israel and then on to Central America. I then spent some time traveling in the U.S.; Colorado, California, Michigan, Washington DC, and Milwaukee; then, on to Canada and Britain, returning to the U.S. to be at our U.S. National Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  From there I traveled to Seoul, Korea and on to the Philippines. What a blessing to see firsthand what God is doing in Aglow literally around the world!  

We have taken GameChangers to the nations. The power of the Word is moving men and women to a new place in God and the ground in their nations is being softened by their feet as they begin living out the GameChanger realities. Truly, Aglow is a work of God that is changing the world.

Chuck Pierce had a word at Passover this year declaring that the Body of Christ has stepped into a new place of identity.  And now, a word has been spoken specifically to us at the 2014 US National Conference that this is the time for us to initiate, to announce, and to speak into the next move of God in the earth. This is governmental positioning.

Positioned for This Day

In February of this year, Tony and I went to Israel where I received an award from the government of Israel thanking Aglow for our continued support, through tourism in the land, and for our prayers on behalf of the Jewish people. That is governmental recognition of this ministry in a way that is significant.

The Lord has spoken to us, consistently and intentionally, that we are moving forth into a governmental position that would shift things in the earth. When Esther said, “Who am I to go before the King?” she didn’t know her full identity.  She still thought of herself as an orphan girl, but God had called her to be a queen who would move mightily on behalf of His people. Aglow, too, has been called to stand in support of Israel and the Jewish people, that His Divine purposes might be fulfilled as He intended them.

Position Reveals Identity

Even as Esther was called “for such a time as this,” the same is true for Aglow today. We have been called to bring release to the women and men of the world. We do it by lifting the veil off their eyes so they can see, know, and comprehend how they are known in Heaven.

End Time Players

Now is the time for us to fully step in to the next place of our identity as end time players. We are a called out company of people.  We are a city set on a hill that can no longer be hidden because we carry a Light so bright that darkness is consumed. We are the household of faith who sustains a unity so strong that the enemy has no opportunity to win. We are the army of the Lord who takes territory by using Goodness to overcome evil.  We are the body of Christ who honors and cares for all mankind.  We are the temple of the Lord who finds God habitually involved in all our situations.  We are the bride of Christ who not only lives out of intimate affection with God; we attend others in the body forever telling them how Heaven sees them.

As Cindy Jacobs said to us in Albuquerque; The Lord sent me here to remind you of who you are. I’m here to fan the flame. Don’t burn out. He is going to refresh you and propel you.  There is a revivalist anointing coming to Aglow. There is a tsunami wave of God’s glory coming! It’s going to fall on the young and the old.

Dan Hammer called us a goodness army and stated: Aglow has been positioned all these years to begin to release the goodness of God to the nations.

Graham made this statement:  It is very important for us to understand that carrying His Presence is not just a conference theme. It’s a statement about the lifestyle we intend to lead from this time forth. It’s a statement about who we are, so that everyone around the globe is going to know that Aglow carries the Presence of God and if you’re in trouble, find somebody in Aglow.

Chuck Pierce said:  Women begin the shift, This is a year women will make great announcements. He placed a tallit over me and called for a double portion anointing over me and Aglow. That means YOU are included in that double portion anointing blessing.

It is important to recognize that God has called Aglow and, each woman and man who stands with this ministry, to a higher place than what we ever dreamed was possible. We are to be those who arise and shine in our nations and cause the darkness to be diminished and pushed back. We are those who will be the first fruits of what God wants the church to be. We will be those who announce the good news in defining acts of goodness across the earth. The church is not a building – WE are the church and we will rise to be that Light and that Army of Goodness that shows the world that God is present in the earth!

Now is the time for new forms of provision and resourcing to come into the ministry of Aglow, for our inheritance as a company has come into view. We must have more resources now than we have had in any other point in our journey and we are confident that God has planned accordingly.

And so I ask, will you participate in giving an end-of-the-year gift that will position Aglow in such a powerful way that we can begin 2015 from a place that is fully funded and aligns us with the inheritance Heaven has for us? Will you go All IN with us to see unprecedented provision in our war chest?

Give now via our secure, online donation form. Use this link, ALL IN. Or you can mail your gift to Aglow International, P.O. Box 1749, Edmonds, WA 98020. Be sure to mark your check, ALL IN.

I’m all in!  


Jane Hansen Hoyt
Jane Hansen Hoyt
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