God Uses Ordinary People

In my last blog I talked about identity being the key to transformation, and transformation is about moving into the next stage of identity.  Often, God uses prophetic words to bring us into a greater understanding of His view of us, which is usually something we wouldn’t have considered for ourselves.  When a prophetic word comes, it gives us a glimpse of our future, even though we may not fully see it or understand it.

It is a fact!  God uses ordinary people.  Think about Abraham.  He was a man born into a family that served idols.  Neither his background or beliefs made him a likely person for God to choose for the purpose of recovering man from his sinful situation.  At that time, Abraham wasn’t even a believer!  Yet, God’s intention for him was that through him and his descendants, God’s authority and glory would be expressed in the earth.  Amazing!

 Abraham was living in Ur of the Chaldees.  He likely, never had a thought that God would call him to leave his country, his kindred and his father’s house to go to a land God would show him for the initial unfolding of God’s recovery plan.  How could Abraham possibly have an understanding of all that God was going to do through him?  Yet, he responded to the word and direction he sensed, just the same as we are called to do.

Abraham was an ordinary man.  He was no different than anyone else.  He had nothing to boast of in himself.  Yet, God had a plan and His call on this ordinary man’s life would forever show us that God uses ordinary people and makes them different.  Just think about it, God was the cause of Abraham becoming a believer.  It was God who initiated it all and it was God who caused him to believe.   Abraham didn’t even believe in an exceptional way.  He merely believed and set out to obey as best he could.  God had to do a thorough work in him to form him into the vessel of honor He wanted.  But God called him and God did the work.

God purposefully chose such a person to show every generation to follow that, “It is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy.”  Rom. 9:16

Yes, God uses ordinary people.  He forms them into vessels of honor, gives them an identity far beyond what they would have ever thought of or asked for, brings His authority to earth through them and reveals the radiance of Himself in their lives.

God’s view of you is far beyond anything you could imagine.  As you walk in your God given identity, you are transforming the world around you.  You are bringing the authority of heaven to earth.

Just remember, when you have thoughts that are contrary to the truth that God uses ordinary people, remember that God is a God who is never defeated.  He is very persistent.  Abraham was able to become all that God purposed because God was persistent.

God is a God who holds us fast and will not let us go.

He will see that you become all He has purposed for you to be.

Walk in your identity!

One Voice, One Glorious Sound
Identity – The Key to Transformation

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