A-Company Challenge 2020

At a recent Aglow national conference, Dutch Sheets said to us that this is a year of birthing and that Aglow has come into a greater anointing to deliver the purposes of God in the earth. It was also said that a new weight of His Glory is upon us. I believe there is an elevation of Kingdom truth at hand.

Apostolic-Prophetic Watchmen

At the same conference, Chuck Pierce told us that God has positioned Aglow as apostolic-prophetic watchmen who decree and declare His will on earth. This means that we are entrusted to pray and intercede for the need of mankind to know Christ and the life-giving power He has made available to each one of us. We have been upgraded in our authority to break through the barriers that hold humanity captive, prophetically speak life, and see that life established in people, communities, and nations. It means that we carry an apostolic anointing and strength to break through difficult situations and to decree prophetic promises that bring life, health, restoration, and transformation to barren places.

NOW is the right time for us as we rise to a new level of leading the world into a whole new place. Your commitment through A-Company is a vital part, a strategic piece that opens the way for breakthrough in the earth! The sustainable income that comes through A-Company is meant to keep us “light-footed” and enable us to move as the Spirit leads us.

Aglow: A Gift of God

Recently we had a conversation with a long-time Aglow woman who shared an engaging story of God’s love and faithfulness. She spoke of God leading her on a journey of understanding of what it means to “take care” of the gift that Aglow has become to individuals and communities around the world.

Q: You have been sending monthly donations for over 30 years. What would cause a person to be so committed, so intentional in giving long before A-Company was birthed?

A: I remember sitting at my desk which was in my bedroom at the time. I was paying bills and I felt the nudge of the Spirit to send in whatever I had left after paying my bills. At first, I thought how will I make it? Then I remembered that I was paid weekly and surely I could last until the next paycheck. So I did it. I wrote out the check for the balance in my checkbook.

Q: What about tithing to your local church?

A: Well, I did tithe to the local church. However, I could also sense a drawing to give into Aglow. I was just beginning to grasp that there was a connection between myself and Aglow that I couldn’t put words to. I simply knew that I had to support the work Aglow was doing around the world.

Q: At the time you began to give to Aglow, the ministry was growing at a very rapid pace. Today, we see how broad the scope of Aglow has grown and how it continues to expand. What would you say to those who are feeling the nudge of the Holy Spirit to give?

A: Obey the nudge. When I obeyed that nudge, I had no clue where God would take me in Aglow or what He would do in my life personally. I know that step of obedience was one that actually saved my life. Prone to depression, God touched me at my local Aglow meeting and delivered me from all oppression and suicidal thoughts. I believe that if all my investments were added together, it would pale in comparison to the rich dividends that have paved the way in priceless relationships, personal growth, and a lasting legacy. If I had it to do all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Q: Do you have any other encouragement to impart to those receiving this invitation to become an A-Company member?

A: Jane said to us, 2020 is a year of faith, it is a year of birthing. I encourage you to take a step – maybe it will even be a leap for some of you – and join A-Company today. Start with the amount Holy Spirit gives you. He is faithful to supply seed to the sower.

Q: What would you say to those who are already faithful A-Company members?

A: I would say, whatever you do, don’t let hard economic times deprive you of the seed to sow. There were times where I thought I couldn’t give the amount I was currently giving. What I learned to do in the tight times was to increase the amount, even if it was by $5. Then, there were days I didn’t think I could sustain the increase, so I would give a one-time gift as a seed to open the door for personal increase. I learned that God is faithful to supply over and above what He nudges you to give.

Touching Nations and Changing Hearts

Today, you have the opportunity to sow your financial seed into the rich soil of Aglow International where our footprint reaches over two-thirds of the nations of the world. Here are just a couple testimonies that span the globe:

  • During a meeting at a church in India, a large group suddenly showed up to disrupt the meeting. The Pastor called an Aglow leader who in turn called a prayer partner. Just as suddenly as it began, the disruptive group left and the event went on as originally planned.
  • In El Salvador, an Aglow group was conducting classes at a local school when a shootout occurred between police and gang members. Amazingly, not one student was injured. The police apologized and the group was asked to continue coming.

Obey the Nudge, Plant Now

Because the Lord has said to us that hundreds of thousands of ordinary people will give into the Presence of God in our midst, our goal is to add 500 new A-Company members this year. We invite you to make a deliberate decision to become a vital, necessary part of the financial army of Aglow. Either sign up as a first time member of A-Company or increase your current amount. Ask God if you are to increase, by how much, and then obey. This is the year to see faith on display and I can’t think of a better place to plant your seed than in the fields of Aglow.

And if you would like to give a one-time gift to sustain the work of Aglow, we are grateful that you have chosen to plant your seed in our rich soil.

Partnering together,

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Jane Hansen Hoyt

Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International

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Laurie Lischke
Director of Donor Relations
Aglow International

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