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Touching the world

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Aglow believes in the life changing power of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus said, Go ye into all the world, He was talking about us, the bearers of His image, taking news of His transforming power to people who do not yet know it.  He was talking about radical, down-to-the-bone-marrow change in the nature of the human being.  That’s transformation!

Transformation teams travel to various nations and cities within the U.S. to bring transformation to the people in villages, towns and cities. Working alongside pastors in communities they bring life changing outreaches, conferences, Bible studies, children’s ministry, etc. They see the power of God in innumerable miracles of healings of the spirit and the body.

Visit our blog or sign up for the RSS feed to get the latest details about what’s happening in detail on our upcoming trips.

If you’ve been yearning to put yourself on the edge of your comfort zone and be part of an Aglow outreach, this is your chance.  Step out!  You’ll never be the same!                         

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A pastor from the Philippines tells about how an Aglow Transformation
team changed his church.