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World News

Latest Aglow news from around the world.

Aglow Mauritania is Reviving

Mauritania mapWhile visiting various nations in western Africa, Augusta Odoteye, National Director for Aglow in West Africa, received an email from a woman and a pastor in Mauritania who are interested in reviving Aglow there because they had heard that the Aglow ministry had once been in their nation.


Aglow Liberia is Growing

LiberiaAugusta Odoteye, National Director for Aglow in West Africa, has been supporting and encouraging the new leadership in Liberia through email and telephone calls.


European English Aglows

Dianne de JongIn her responsibilities of overseeing the European English Aglows, Dianne de Jong travels across Europe encouraging and meeting with Aglow leaders in various nations. This year she has visited groups in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, and Poland.