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Aglow Venezuela Circle of Readers Groups

Circle of Reader Groups - Aglow VenezuelaUnder the cover of Aglow Venezuela two “Circle of Readers” groups have been formed.  One group is made up of single, widowed, and divorced women.  The group meets twice a month to review a book  which encourages them in their situation.  One of the members writes, "We are learning to cherish hope despite the circumstances. God is using our disappointment to sustain and strengthen us in hope not to give up our dreams.  We are also learning to value our femininity.  God wants us to rise up as unsuspecting women with integrity and hope, which He provides for us in His time. We believe that God will give us the grace to wait as long as necessary; not being weak or compliant, but with persevering, strong faith.  What we have learned celebrates God's design in marriage.  As Jane Hansen Hoyt states in her book Fashioned for Intimacy, “Both male and female express the image of God together in marriage manifesting the most glorious purposes of God ."

The second Circle of Readers group, made up of professional men and women and housewives, meets weekly at the headquarters of Aglow in Maracaibo.  The idea for the group came during a meeting at the headquarters of Aglow Maracaibo when several participants expressed the need to study or read Christian themes of interest that allowed each participant a better understanding of spiritual matters.  Their aim is to learn about establishing the Kingdom Culture that Jesus brought with Him when He came to earth, knowing that we are no longer trying to ‘fix’ the old man who died with Christ, but must embrace the identity of who we have become in the New Creation.

Although its current members are Christians, they seek to attract people who do not to know God.  Inspired by what they had learned, the group has started to do evangelistic outreaches. In December of 2011 they went to the Republic Square of Maracaibo.  With the Word of God in their hearts and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit they ministered to the people there.  Many souls accepted Christ and were invited to the Readers Circle.  The group also helped them find a local church to begin attending.  The outreach was so successful that plans are being made to continue with this type of activity.

Both groups will soon be having their one year anniversary.

The Aglow International Headquarters staff in Edmonds also studies books together.  Recently, they studied Crafter Prayer, by Graham Cooke.

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