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Aglow Egypt - A Mighty Tree Deeply Rooted

In 1980 Aglow became affiliated in the nation of Egypt spreading God’s light and truth to the nation.  Since then, Aglow has grown steadily becoming a powerful force for the Kingdom.  At the 2013 Global Conference in Orlando, our leader shared from her heart concerning her nation.  Her name is being withheld for security reasons.

Mighty TreeI bring you greetings from the land of Egypt, where the church has become revived and united. As all of you know, Egypt is now passing through a turbulent time. The nation and its people on all levels are severely suffering.Our case is not a denominational one.

We are deeply moved by the bloodshed of all Egyptians. We are not only in pain for the Christians, but for all our fellow citizens. We love our nation and all our brothers and sisters in mankind, regardless of their background or faith. Our case is the outcome of generations of negligence, corruption, and deception.

Today we are facing a situation, where the poor multitudes have been deceived religiously, devalued mentally, and corrupted morally due to the intentional negligence of enlightenment, education, and culture. Our case is not with religious or political authority, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Today, when we see multitudes of Christians driven out of their villages and small towns and forced to leave their burnt down homes, losing all their possessions and livelihood; when all around us, we see hungry, homeless children; needy women; unemployed young men, we deeply suffer with those who have become deprived and we have compassion on those whose right to have a decent life has been attacked.

Ecclesiastes 5:8 If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and the violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.(KJV)

Never before throughout our history has the conflict between darkness and light been more intensified. Today the kingdom of darkness arrogantly wants to prevail. Though the vicious flames of hatred, envy, and anger burned 84 churches from all denominations across Egypt that has resulted in finally melting down the barriers that the enemy himself has built over the years. Praise the Lord who has promised us that even the gates of Hell itself fail to overtake the church.

The unified body of Christ in the land of Egypt has become free to experience the presence of the Lord as the three freed men in the fiery furnace experienced the fourth, who is like unto the Son of God.

Nearly 35 years ago, Aglow planted a seed of unity and love among the Christians of Egypt. Today the seed has grown into a mighty tree deeply rooted and firmly founded on the truth of the word. Praise The Lord for the Aglow candle lights spreading all over the country repelling the darkness and presenting fresh and nourishing bread to feed the deep spiritual hunger that is increasing every day.

Today, there is a deep sense of unity, acceptance, love and cooperation that the body of Christ is sharing. Praise the Lord for His work in Egypt. His word that is light and sweeter than honey has attracted women from every tradition and background to become mighty warriors for such a time as this. Together we spread the light, as we gently mingle and penetrate our society like salt to restrict corruption, add flavor and promote the kingdom of God.

Together, we share the burden, utilizing our resources to carry the responsibility as a unified force to meet the drastic need of the thousands from different backgrounds and faiths whom their only refuge has become the Lord... and we, the unified Body of Christ have become His channel in Egypt to meet it. Together, we lift up one cry for our nation and its leaders and all those that are in authority. Thousands of believers from all churches in the north, south, east and west of the country join together all night every Thursday in prayer at the cave church at Mokatam Hill. Together, we raise one sound and become one voice of supplication and intercession. Many churches dedicated themselves to pray 24/7 in the last 5 years.

Mighty miracles, salvations and deliverances took place on New Year’s Eve of 2012 at Tahrir, the main square in the nation’s capital, when Moslems joined celebrations with the Christians and marched together in a candle light procession. Spirit-filled ministers and priests were praying for thousands from the platform of Tahrir square. Blind eyes were opened, deaf ears regained their hearing and multitudes joined in lifting the name of Jesus. The spirit of fear subsided and a new spirit of hope and joy broke forth.

A real sense of care and love developed between the Moslem and Christian members of the society. The church is approved for its vital role in spreading the spirit of forgiveness, positive attitude and thanksgiving. The church is regarded as highly patriotic and is gaining favor and respect. Millions of simple people, along with the highly educated admit that it is only through the prayers of the church that the Lord miraculously answered and saved Egypt from a terrorist government. The people regained their trust in the police and the army. As joined forces they are facing their common enemy who steals, kills and destroys.

Tahrir square witnessed acts of communion and fellowship this past Ramadan, when Christians cooked meals and ate together with the Moslems when they broke their fast.

In closing, I would like to remind you of the prophetic act that took place many years ago on the elevated sight of the Citadel in Cairo Egypt, When Jane and 100 prayer coordinators joined in unraveling a knitted garment and its threads flew with the wind and vanished. Aglow was formerly given the responsibility and authority to unravel this garment by giving us the first thread prophetically, and we remained faithful through the years in prayer and intercession as you have also been.

Today we are reaping answers for our prayers as strongholds are being broken and thousands are entering the kingdom. Let us be encouraged to keep up the good work that together, we may reap the blessings. May we be the channels through which His word in Isaiah 19:19-25 is fulfilled. Blessed be my people Egypt, the land of godly provision and protection, where Jesus came as a child to take refuge. Now Egypt is being reborn anew to maintain the blessing and to regain security and abundance it formerly enjoyed, so that the Egyptians would know the Lord and He would be known in Egypt.

He is clothed with majesty and strength wherewith He has girded Himself. The world is also established that it cannot be moved.  Amen!