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Healed from Stage 4 Lung Cancer

My mother, sister and I attended the recent worldwide conference via web-cast from different states. We “aglowed” with you for days after, as we replayed the sessions. This is the first Aglow conference that my Mother has not attended in person for longer than I can remember.

In Feb of this year she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and given a death sentence of 6 months. BUT GOD! She followed the doctor's advice and underwent serious chemo treatments, but did the victory dance for the doctor for her healing. You can imagine, he slowly shook his head, but smiled at her faith. Her last Doctor visit was Thursday following the conference. Mothryn’s (that’s my pet name for my Mom) CT scan results were miraculous.

No more tumors in her lungs, only scar tissue where they had been, her blood work was excellent and the doctor released her from chemo treatments for the next 3 months (we know that will be permanent).

There is more to the story, BUT GOD and his outrageous love is the real story. We loved your favorite song, Jane. Thank AGLOW for your encouragement in this incredible faith walk.

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