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A Honeycomb of Power

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gold-honeycomb webMY WARRIORS ARE ARISING

It was just a week ago that I was contacted by Chuck Pierce’s office regarding a prophetic word that had come forth in their Sunday Celebration Service at Glory of Zion.  Aglow International was referred to specifically; therefore I want to share it with you.  Because of the journey Aglow has been on these past few years I see this word being set in the context of what God has been saying to us and building within us.  Truly, His work has brought forth a Transformational Kingdom Culture with mindsets not of this world.

As Chuck stated, “There are times when you sense God’s presence, and other times when you know the Lord is present to release kairos revelation that determines your future. “


The releasing of a word about BEES began with Sheryl Price saying, “This is a season where My honey bees are going to amass again.  My warriors will arise again and produce the honey from the rock, and produce the honey from the carcass.  I am loosing My bees and My honey in this season.”

The word continued through Chuck Pierce, “There is going to be a new move of God through every women’s structure in this earth.  This move will revolutionize the structure they are in, the comb they are in, and they will start producing new revelation.”  My miracles in the day ahead will come from you standing in the midst of the honeycomb and speaking My word in a way My word has never come forth in the earth!  And when you do that, the enemy will be able to only go so far and not be able to go any further.  This is the day the bees will start building the honeycomb in a new way!”

Chuck had a sense of a “miracle box” and the miracle box was a honeycomb.  He saw us standing in the midst of the honeycomb/miracle box.  What was coming out of that miracle box was going to redirect the nations of the world.  He went on by saying, “You are going to have to have so much revelation in the days ahead to maneuver in your field.  You will have to live and worship inside of the honeycomb. “


The word continues by stating, “The bees will start building that honeycomb in a new way and causing a new model to come so that when we worship we will be standing in the midst of that which will produce and release the revelation that will change the earth in the days ahead.  Your field is being formed so you can have the revelation to birth your future.”


I remember Graham Cooke’s word to us about this being the time of our rising.  “God is lifting you into a whole different dimension and you will have to learn to think out of a renewed mind in this new place.  You will establish the kingdom wherever you go and you will help to birth new prototype prophetic churches in the earth.  This is a new day.”


A part of our moving from a different dimension took place while Aglow was in Israel this past May.  As we met with Asher Intrater of Revive Israel, the Aglow leadership that was present responded to a commissioning, a being sent forth from Jerusalem, from the Apostolic leadership recently appointed by the Israeli Messianic leadership.  This was in accord with the key role Aglow has to play in the end times to help finish the Great Commission, to preach the gospel to every nation and for the Lord to pour out His Holy Spirit on all flesh.  (Acts 1-2)


I believe that God is “speaking things pertaining to the Kingdom” to us as we position ourselves in the midst of the honeycomb to receive the honey of His word in this time of rising.   Even as the early disciples were told to, "'wait for the Promise of the Father' so that they would receive the power of the Holy Spirit…to be witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth,” God has been pouring out His Spirit in new and fresh ways upon Aglow these past couple of years. 

The Spirit has been forming a honeycomb of power, of revelation, of life. 

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